What does a percentage damage mean on a hero special?

Please help me understand what damage means. For example, in term of an amount how damage will kage do to someone? I guess I don’t understand the percentage thingy? Exactly how much is 450%

656*450% =2952 dmg . Minus defence

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The thread linked by @Hrairoo above explains the damage equation, and has some examples down lower.

But the simple version is:

Average damage = 100*(Attack*Special %/Defense)^1.35

Note that attack is divided by defense. Defense is not subtracted.


Not a mathematician so I’ll take your word on that formula, but it is still foggy in my mind especially after my last raid.
Lianna (enemy) used her special against Joon (ally) and hit for over 900 points when joon had a 63% defense buff. Her special is 512% and her attack was 896. Joons def was 739+211(63% buff)… so how did her hit yield over 900 points?

Well, the average damage is given by plugging those numbers into the formula. But here, it is also important to note, as that thread does, that there is a 20% attack and 20% defense buff for defenders that isn’t visible in the ratings.

The components that go into the equation are;

896*(512% + 20%) = 4766.7

Average damage = 100*(4766.7/950)^1.35 = 882

But there’s also random term in the equation which causes the damage to vary around the average. It can be a bit higher or a bit lower.


wouldn’t it be (896+20%)*512%= 5505 for liannas output?

There is also Liannas ‘pierce’ talent, which offers a chance to ignore defence buffs. If it procs, the text appears over Lianna rather than the target (annoying), so if you were watching Joon to see the damage then you probably missed the text appearing.

Wow that’s a whole lot of complex mess. Lol
But thank you for taking the time to explain!

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I believe the 20% buff is additive with the special percentage. But my memory is cloudy on the point this morning. I’d have to look. We need a concise set of answers to some questions like this.

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