What do you want from Santa?

Hel and Gravemaker like all the cool kids have.


I want 5* green hero I can give tonics to. Evelyn, Mother North, Zeline, Tarlak, I’m not fussy, either of those will do.

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Hahahaha… hahaha … only 1 request can not be more :joy::joy::joy:

I will ask to get 10x requests from santa and after the 9th request I will request 10x more requests :joy::joy::joy:

A six-pack of Mysterious Tonics, please.


хочу чтоб попыток для прохождения титанов было больше трёх ,ну или хотя бы на их восстановление было было меньше времени. Сейчас за появление каждой попытки проходит больше трёх чесов , сократите хотя бы до одного часа пятьдесят девять минут.

Google translated by moderator

I want more than three attempts to get through the titans, or at least there was less time to restore them. Now, for the appearance of each attempt, more than three hours pass, reduce to at least one hour fifty-nine minutes.


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: wow… what language is this? :thinking:

я не знал как точно сформулировать вопрос , поэтому вышло так

That’s a good request, I support this. I’m swimming in darts tabards and rings but I need 2 more tonics for Lianna and 6 more for Greg

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I need one more for Evelyn and six for Lianna. And then there’s Mother North…


I have vacation coming up.

I want six-pack abs for Christmas! :grin:


Alasie, gravemaker and delilah would be awesome in my roster.

And just a faster food production, i’m tired of the waiting game to max out all my heroes.

Really fun topic, great to read everyone’s wishlist!

I want HOTM from atlantis for christmas :slight_smile:

I wish new content and a better season2!

Correction on Season 2 --> World Energy to recruit quote is awful. Recruits are by far the most important good in E&P. General the output of stuff is unbalanced if you compare to Season 1. Way too high energy cost…everybody is farming Season 1.

New Quests: Give us variety please. The normal quests are superboring.

New Buildings: Please bring the alchlab and a Troop Training Center.


I’d love to see Gem III, Recruits III, etc. provided that the WE cost and rewards were better than simply farming. Right now, upper levels of Recruits I & II give worse returns than 1-8-7; I only complete Recruits II if there’s an epic troop token.


I second that without a blink of an eye :+1:

I desperately want a revamp of how the summoning system work, because the current mechanism is beyond garbage.

There’s an old thread on the forum about “Shards” or “Fragments” of Heros and Ascension Material. In order to make hero acquisition somewhat predictable.

Besides that I want Ares, Hel, Alby and Mother North. But if I get revamp, I’ll gladly pass on these heros.

I need 6 more rings. I have to choose between Zimkittycat, God of War, and Death by fans. It would be easier if I could choose two instead of one.

I’m glad everyone is having fun with these.

All I want from Santa is to agree with Buddy and Rudolf to send Mother North to me. I promise to ascend her to the max! :wink:

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