What do you want from Santa?

Santa, gloves please.

A purple 5* whose name is not Quintus or Obakan*, preferably Sartana

Give you Boss Wolf & Mock-us


For Christmas, I want to meet Zeline in person!

You can find her at the nearest strip club.

She will not, however, dispel anything that ails you.


I’d like a very affordable gem offer and a one-time, “reset ascension” item: when you use it, the ascension items used to ascend one hero will return to your inventory and that hero will return to level one. (Trainer heroes and expended food costs will not be restored.)

$10 for 1500 gems and the ascension reset. Watch the money flow in.

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My 4/80 Richard says he’s totally against your idea @Cpt.Ahab! :rofl:

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I’d like something useful to make with Training Manuals. I forget what this asc mat is currently used for but there’s an extra 10k of them laying around my inventory. If they were rugged clothes, backpacks or swords I’d have a field day with them.

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I want more day to day content (mini titans, hero specific quests, duels). I want troop training / converting. I want new ways to improve bad heros (like ability improving gems collected to place in hero sockets). I want more five star heros available in the TC-20. I want a practice area.

Dear Santa,

I have been very bad this year. Please send me Hel and coal (ore). That is all.


I want nothing, i don’t believe in Santa.:sunglasses:

…and Santa does not believe in you. :yum:


A good red 5 star tank

I’m thinking Black Knight seeing as how I can’t even get a green 5* guy

I badly want WU KONG!

But i would like better and fresh quests. Some of the quest are simply odd like battle items

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I really want Ariel…really really really :slight_smile:

And after Ariel I want Alasie…

And I would love new quests…or updated in one way or another.

Thank you in advance dear Santa…

I think you would be able to transmute it at alchemy laboratory

Since Onatel and Natalya will be on atlantis rises on december, I wouldnt mind if Santa gives me them, at least one of them XD

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10 tonics for my Kingston 2 and 3 please, Mr. Santa :grinning:


couldn’t get miki in august with 50 pulls so i’m hoping for a tarlak or miki :frowning:
did a a few hundred pulls since i started 12 months ago and all i got was a gregorion in june :frowning:

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