What do you think of who is the real boss of each events?

Pirates of Corellia: C.Kestrel
Guardians of Teltoc: Gorilla
Knights of Avalon: Arthur
Fables of Grimforest: Boss wolf

Do you think it’s right? I just wondered and found they are all located in the middle of the illustration.

Wait, what?

Pirates of Corellia: Sargasso is middle
Fables of Grimmforest: Red Hood is middle
Guardians of Teltoc: Guardian Owl is middle
Knights of Avalon: King Arthur is middle

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The Boss is the sams color as the reflect, and therefore always in the middle at the end of stage 10 in challenge events.

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I guess he intend who is the harder boss for each event, not the main boss.

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OP means the official illustration they use for advertising the event I think.

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Ohh, okay, thank you @Elpis - I was very confused :sweat_smile:

Well, then [for me]:

Knights of Avalon: King Arthur for sure. He does so many different things, protecting himself while annihalating his target, while Guin just stands there looking pretty- occasionally taking your mana. & Morgan is usually the first to die (to get rid of her blood-sucking ailment)

Pirates of Corellia: This ones hard for me, because they’re all good but not amazing. I personally love Locke most, but I don’t think she makes the best boss; as soon as she attacks you can just cleanse it away. So probably Sargasso or Kestrel. Idk, either or, I don’t know enough about either to say which is better for the job.

Fables of Grimmforest: Boss Wolf is the toughest to kill, but ultimately does no direct damage so not all that threatening (unless you don’t bring a dispeller or dotes), Rumpel is all over the place, so idk Red seems solid to me. Her minions can get overwhelming and then it becomes way more difficult to take the rest down once she goes off a few times. Plus, she does damage along with it. Or else I’d say the Wolf.

Guardians of Teltoc: Guardian Owl actually makes a great boss for this event; when all allies are dead, he does an insane amount of damage and seems to charge a lot faster than he would in raids- but maybe that’s just me idk. Kong is the second scariest, Panther was fairly easy to avoid. It’s so weird how that’s completely flipped from how they all work in the regular meta. Guardian Panther is the best and Owl is the worst, but in this event it’s the opposite.

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Oh man, I just typed up a whole response about what @Elpis thought he meant and now I don’t even know if that’s what was actually asked :sweat_smile:

Well, regardless of what it’s about, I’ll leave all of these comments here and hopefully one of them is at least semi-accurate and on topic lol

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Dude…that was the first one i killed!

I’m sorry to have confused you and thanks for your replying. I meant something like storylike, so I guessed just for fun who are bosses. for example, Kestrel’s nickname is Buccaneer Captain of Corellia and Gorilla is Chieftain of Teltoc. I don’t know why but Sargasso lost his title captain since one day. sorry for my Eng! lol

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Ohhhhhh, well then all of my replies were off :sweat_smile:

So to get back to what the real topic is about:

Guardians: I still think the Owl is the coolest symbol for Guardians, idk why, maybe I just like owls

Knights: King Arthur for sure, I mean he is the king after all…

Pirates: Ummmm… Sargasso looks the meanest so I choose him

Fables: Boss Wolf because he’s so beastly and has an “unstoppable growl” … :joy:

Not to mention Boss Wolf totally looks like a pimp.

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