What Do You Think About Getting More Ads?

(Spoiler Alert: There’s a poll at the end of this longer-than-usual post)

Ok, you may be coming to yell at me for suggesting more ads, but hear me out first. This isn’t just about watching ads for the sake of nothing. I’m proposing watching ads to get new tangible & useful things in the game - specific things, guaranteed, without chance or RNG, just for offering 30 seconds of ad revenue to SG.

One Example: What if, after you lost a Raid, you were given the opportunity to watch an ad to get your lost flag back?

I know we’re pretty lucky with this game to only have one source of ads (not counting the promo pop-ups for Elemental Summons, gem deals, etc.). We’ve all played those games that rely on spamming the player with ads, and the Mystic Vision format is about as good as it gets since it’s only 3 times a day, it’s completely optional, and it gives rewards for watching.

So this idea is really just a further development of that “ads for loot” format, but applied to specific aspects of the game. I can see several places where it could feasibly work, please feel free to add your own ideas to this thread.

In the general interest of fairness and practicality, I only considered areas of the game that are “basic” activities, such as base building, farming, raiding, etc. These are all activities that every player does regularly, or should be encouraged to do, regardless of their player level. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem fair that these kinds of outside advantages should be implemented in other more intensive areas of the game, like Quests, Challenges, Events, or Alliance activities like Titans and Wars. Personally I think those parts of the game are best left as they are, but post a reply if you think those are good options too.

I also note that none of these ideas could realistically be offered all the time on an endless loop. I think a max of one to three opportunities per day, per offer, is fair depending on the offer. I’ve put my suggested max in parentheses, but feel free to add your own suggestions below.

And finally, I think all of these ad ideas should be 100% optional. Players could be prompted with the offer when they do certain things like complete a map level or click on a Farm, but those prompts could be clicked-through or simply ignored. I’m not proposing that any of these ideas be required for any in-game activity.

So, should I mention the actual ideas now? I think it’s time. Please vote for any action that you think is worth watching a normal 15-30 second ad for. If you want nothing to do with any of it, there’s an option at the bottom for you too. Vote for as many as you’d like.

Would you watch an add to:

  • Reclaim your Raid Flag after losing a Raid? (2x/day)
  • Reclaim your World Energy after losing a map fight? (2x/day)
  • Get 3 free World Energy Flags when you hit zero? (3x/day)
  • Get 1 free Raid Flag when you hit zero? (2x/day)
  • Double the loot from 1 map fight? (3x/day)
  • Double the production of 1 Mine/Farm for 1 hour? (3x/day)
  • Reduce the build time of 1 building by 1 hour? (3x/day)
  • Reduce the waiting time of 1 Hero/Monster Wanted Chest by 1 hour? (2x/day)
  • Build up an “Ad Chest”? (1x/day, similar to Mystic Vision but it takes 5 or more ads to fill the chest, and gives better loot)
  • Are you nuts? No more ads, keep your bad ideas to yourself.

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Click here for a few mock-ups of how un-intrusive these ads could be

Ex: Reclaim Raid Flag After Losing

Ex: Free World Energy After Depletion
Free WE

Ex: Double Loot From Map Stage Farming

Ex: Double Production Of Farm/Mine
Double farm production

Ex: Reduce Building Time
Reduce buiding time

Ex: Reduce Waiting Time On Wanted Chests
Reduce Wanted Chest timer

Ex: Potential “Ad Chest”
Ad Chest

That’s actually some interesting thinking.

Other games do it and as a vvvC2P, I’d be up for it

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I’ve always been thankful for the minimal ads, but would gladly watch a few additional ones in a day if there was a tangible benefit.


I would go for the “speed up wait time for chests” one for sure.


Yep. And the one that maybe the most for your gems. The 1 hr reduction in Build Time.

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