What do you think about Alice? Is she worth it? What team setup would you recommend with Alice?

Hello everyone,

Everything is on the title. What do you think about Alice ? For attack, defense, war, raids, titans, everything.

Thanks for your thoughts !

She’s so pretty…

…pretty fast
…pretty damaging
…pretty looking

and she wears a pretty striped tight.

Would give Athena for her :wink:


Some thoughts on Alice:

I don’t know why she’s leaving
The way she’s gonna’ go
I guess she’s got her reasons
But I just don’t wanna’ know
'Cause for 22 years
I’ve been living next door to Alice…



Very nice hero …if you have her feel lucky :sweat_smile:

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One pill makes you larger.
And one pill makes you small.
And the ones that Mother gives you don’t do anything at all.
Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall.


I play a stoopid online game and then one day I pulled Taylor Swift ahem, Alice, all dressed in blue. Rather happy all told :laughing: #saddo

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Yeah got her yesterday with one x 10 pull lol, should be a cool one next to Santa :smiley:

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I wish i had her. All i got was the cat and captain D


So, in all seriousness, what are peoples thoughts on her?
Say, you had to choose between her or Magni to fully max? Which one would you choose and why?

I have that exact same choice. Decided to go with Alice first due to Magni’s lower defence. But then again his defence is much better after the special. In the right circumstances in a raid Alice could stop Kage being such a wrecker. It’s a tough one!

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So, Alice’s special having the attack reduction that can’t be dispelled and continues to be renewed if the target is healed is pretty neat. I see the benefit of it especially against the HOTMs with elemental link healing. I know during my battle against her in the event, it pretty much was stuck for the duration of battle on my heroes beaches of Elemental link healing. That after her sniper hit.
Magni of course is old school, but held his place as a top hero. That defense buff for him and surrounding could be more beneficial than a attack reduction to just one hero. You would need to fire Alice several times to possibly get a similar type of coverage.
I still need one more scope though. So, in theory i have time to pull Alice to 3/70 before Frostmarch hits. (I just pulled her to 2nd tier)

Tbh I already have a maxed Magni, I’m gonna try to play both. Gotta try. Will be like that when over. But keeping Rigard instead of Alice till she gets maxed (not in this order dw)

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oooohhhh come on

why has no one said it …

ALICE ? ALICE ? who the **** is ALICE ?



But, if you had to choose which to have done first, would you have given Alice your scopes first?


I think i’d have used the scopes for Alice first.

Magni is really really good (for me) but his low armor is defo a real problem. Most of the time, he fires his skill once then die… Alice should be able to use her skill way more time. (talking for raids)

I have Magni at 3/70 and i was just thinking, man, you are sure drinking a lot of health pots! I forgot to switch panther out for Sabina for her heal in the umber rare quest. He does hit hard though! Her attack stats is only slightly less it looks like, but with much higher defense!
So, you think she’s best on flank? Or that was just that setup because if the santa tank?

Dunno. For a flank Magni is kinda good cause of his + 63 % of def but once again, he often use it only once so… Is is worth to put him instead of Alice who will theorically live longer & debuff ennemies att more than once… not sure

Having a tough time deciding on maxing Alice or Athena for a first blue 5* myself. Leaning ever slightly toward Athena.

Athena is better than Alice

Athena is a bit squishy and average mana. Therefore she hits very hard against fire.
To choose between Athena and Alice seems to be a very luxurious problem…