What do you prioritize?

I have seen a lot of discussion on the forums lately about whether focusing on building the strongest defense team is the right priority. Some people make the argument that if you’re able to consistently fill your raid chest in diamond then your defense team is good enough. But then it is equally valid to say that if you’re beating all the quests and winning raid attacks in diamond your offense is also good enough. So it got me wondering; for those of you with deep benches who can stay comfortably in diamond, what is your motivation to keep playing, and what do you prioritize? Are you driven to kill bigger titans? Achieve higher war scores? Collect as many heroes as possible? Stay at the top of the leaderboards? For me, I just enjoy building my roster and experimenting with different team setups, plus this is the only game that my wife and I both play so it’s something we can share. I’d love to hear from the rest of you about what you get out of this game and what your priorities are when considering which heroes to try and pull and which heroes to ascend.

Personally I prioritise titans.

They are easily the most frequent and (despite the complaints) reliable way of getting rare ascensuon materials in the game.

I built my ascension choices based on my titan team killing so I prioritised the debuffs/buffs and the heroes with the highest attack stats.

After that I focused on my Offence heroes… After all I am a massive subscriber to the “offence is the best defence” so I was also kinda fleshing out my defence team.

Now (late game) in focusing on the ancillary activities like War Offence depth & Tournaments…

But my advice is that Titans are most important


I focus on raids, and in particular, on building my bench depth for war attacks. A while ago, I used to think it was a great war if I killed 3 enemies. Now I’m actually disappointed if I don’t get a complete kill with each of my six attacks. Granted, I don’t always succeed in every war, obviously, but the past couple I’ve gone 6-for-6 and it is a nice challenge to set for myself.

I’m fairly strong against all Titans except Yellow and Rares… my alliance commonly defeats 8* Titans, and when a 9* comes along, it’s usually a struggle and it escapes and we settle back into our 8* groove. :slight_smile: But I’m weakest against Yellow, and so I’ve been prioritizing some leveling to change that; and I recently got Sartana from TC20, so that’ll help a little.

Raid Defense… this has been growing organically for me, generally speaking. I recently had a glut of Reset Emblems, so I’ve been slowly resetting emblems from a few 4* heroes that I barely use and shifting them onto my Raid Defense heroes (like Lianna and Joon, for example). I also recently lucked out and got Telluria, who I’m fast-tracking to 4-80 and might pull emblems away from Frida and revamp my whole defense.

But the short answer: raids and war… because I don’t like to lose. :wink:

Good gaming!

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I prioritize challenge events.

I’m C2P but a few months ago, I really wanted the heroes in Atlantis. So I saved up for months and I spent more than I really want to on the game. I was able to do 67 pulls, which is massive for me. And I struck out completely: I got none of the heroes I was after (or much of anything else). So I decided I would never chase 5s again. If I get them, I will use them and be happy, but I’m not chasing them. So instead I started focusing on building teams for 3 and 4* events. The heroes were in my reach, I was able to get results and it’s been lots of fun. As an added bonus, these heroes also tend to be useful for raid tournaments too so they’re useful more than just once a month.

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For me it was initially the drive to get different heroes to build my roster.
Then it was levelling them and deciding who to give emblems to.
The basis of those decisions was (a) Titan (b) War - both to help the alliance © Raid defence (d) quests, tournaments and trials.
Now it’s costumes and Valor
The one thing that has never interested me and still doesn’t is actively raiding … I build a raid defence team as best I can, and I only revenge raid and that’s my lot

My priority, even after two years of this, is bench strength. I am what @NPNKY defined as a grinder. My defense is now able to comfortably keep me in diamond (I float 2400-2700 currently). I can field five strong teams for war. But i still only have 13 maxed 5*. So that is what keeps me going currently. Building strength for wars and raids, and kibbitzing with my alliance (or at least those that respond anyway :rofl:).

And also possibly pulling another HOTM after a barren streak of 20 months :upside_down_face:

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I enjoy raiding and war, so I focus on defense team the most probably. I think Titans are more important to the game, but my priority is always enjoyment and I most enjoy climbing the raid boards, and then logging off to see myself hit 100 time. Lol

Titans, and raid challenges/events. I’ve got a large bench of maxed 3, 4 and 5 star heroes and my emblems are distributed among them all. I don’t care about having a 4600+ power 5* defense team, mine’s 4200 and I stay in diamond easily at 2500+ trophies.

I’m not really driven to do anything, I just like playing the game. I participate in everything and try to be top titan/war attacker regularly in my alliance. There’s definitely still a lot of heroes I’d like to have that I don’t have, but the longer I play this game the less I spend. Went from spending ~$100/month, to $50, to $20, and now I’m just C2P. I’ll buy the cheap couple dollar offers when they pop up.

I prioritize the challenge. If I can’t find something in the game that I struggle to accomplish, I deliberately set myself at a disadvantage (such as stacking a weak color, raiding without a healer, etc), so that I have to get better at selecting heroes, reading boards, recognizing the best match, and targeting the biggest threat. For that reason, raids and war are my favorite parts of the game. I tend to prioritize heroes to level based on what I see as weak spots in my roster.


Funny, I did this entirely by accident earlier today. My raid opponent was a 3-stack blue defense. I thought Wow that’s different. So I thought my typical 3-2 green-blue would be perfect. Except instead I realized too late after hitting fight I’d actually gone 3-2 red-blue. Whaaaat!?!

First move was a green diamond. Right up the middle. Man i cursed myself. Settled down and managed to win in just under the time limit. Most bizarre and frankly interesting raid ever.


It really makes you pay attention to the board and your tile moves


Sort of similar in a limited way but on raids I never re-roll. I always fight whoever is offered to me, no matter how strong. It has made me so much better at the game. I recommend it to everyone.


It’s the team game that has kept me in this game for going on 3 yrs and as such I’ve always prioritized war above all.

I built a competent 6 teams before I bothered maxing my first 5*. Then I built my best defence.

I switch to mono in my 7th month playing and have never looked back.

I now am building 6 mono teams in each colour.
I took a month off last year to build up Titan specific heroes after I pulled Miki.


I started a thread a few weeks back that touches on similar topics.

My Defense team is solid at holding 2500 cups. My offensive team wins 90% of the raids I fight. My focus now is on my war bench - a lot of my 4*s that helped early on aren’t as useful, especially with all the new Valhalla and Event heroes running around.

I still occasionally “shoot for the top” and use a few flasks and see if I can climb the leaderboard. That’s fun, but not a end-goal for me.

I go all-in on Events, and make sure I end with my target score. By luck of the draw, my teams for all 3 difficulties is mono red and mono blue.

I completed POV, and will probably participate (and buy) the next one.

I try to rotate my focus every week or 2 from leveling heroes, to leveling troops, and to crafting battle items, although I usually get stuck on extended leveling sprees.

So I suppose to answer your query directly, my priority is creating war teams beyond my ‘main team’ that can one-shot a 4k+ team.


The only time I reroll is if I decide to seek out a particular tank. Recently I’ve been struggling with Telluria, so after I fill my chest, I spend the rest of my raid energy looking for Telly, or the Vela-Telly-GM combo

My priorities have changed, probably like most everyone who plays. At first it’s a rush to build all the buildings and do all that fun stuff while trying to field the best team possible. At that time I was the leader of an alliance that struggled to kill 7* titans. We had no war plan or anything. So the priority was just survive. Then we merged into an alliance and instantly were going against 11* titans. Priorities changed then, had to have heroes good enough for that. Then I left that alliance and joined an even higher up the leaderboard one. My goal was to meet alliance requirements for one of the best alliances and I did that. My new goal is to max every 3*, 4*, & 5* in my roster. The priority is now to not let my alliance mates down in a titan battle or in alliance war. So that means building strong enough teams for that (which ties into leveling all my heroes). That also means scoring above 200 in war every war. I’m not strong enough yet to go 6/6. I don’t get an A on every titan either. Another goal. I and many others have stated this is a very long term game and I enjoy it everyday.

Have you noticed that it seems to give you the same tank a bunch of times in a row? I feel like this happens to me a lot, but I’m not sure if it’s just availability bias or if it’s something everyone sees.

I tend to see a ton of Telly tanks, but I generally start raiding around 2550-2600 cups and climb to 2700+ by the time my chest is full. Lots of Telly tanks in that arena, so it makes sense that I see them frequently

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Yeah, I feel like my experience was seeing a bunch of Kunchen tanks in a row, then suddenly seeing a bunch of Ursena tanks in a row. This might just be a product of raiding my way up the ladder. I see Telluria occasionally but I usually end around where you start.


I reroll constantly looking for resources above all. I couldn’t care less about cups, and I don’t care which tank i fight - but it’s gotta be at least 16000 iron or no deal.

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