What do you love/hate about the game?

I finally made my list. I know that it looks like I hate the game, but that is not the case. I did not want to include mundane things like “the fact that we can now set up five teams.”

Things that I hate about the game (in no particular order)

  • The selection of Rewards and Hero summons is far too random. Higher story missions should always give higher level items.
  • Not having a way to forge/craft your own high-level items using much lower-level items yourself. A few in my alliance have been waiting six months for particular ascension items.
  • Wars in general and how frequent they are.
  • No ability for a leader to opt out your alliance from wars.
  • No ability for the leader to remove a member from the war roster. If you have a weak member who sets up a defense but never attacks, he becomes a weak link, but maybe he attacks Titans, so you do not want to kick him.
  • Wars take up far too much time and effort for rewards that are no better than beating a daily Titan.
  • Arrows in war. I hate them. Alliances are already on equal footing. Each individual chooses who to fight against. Perhaps you fight their weak members and they fight yours. There is no need for an extra attack other than what the game already provides for raids.
  • The inability to trade items, especially since rewards are so random. I have what he needs and he has what I need. It has been that way for six months, neither of us able to ascend our heroes.
  • No private messaging in chat. (Yes, I know, “install another program.” That’s not the point.)
  • A shortcut is needed to highlight/change the color of a member’s name in chat to make it quick and easy to spot (e.g. “@Name” turns the name yellow to stand out from the white text.)
  • A regular way to replay missions you have already beaten. The “tickets” are random and rare. I want to be able to blaze through 12 missions each and every time that my energy refiles. There is no reason not to allow this, in my opinion, since energy has to refill regularly.
  • No ability to endlessly spar (no energy needed) with members of your own alliance to kill time and test your offence or defence against other hero types.
  • Beating the story mission and having no extra-special reward.

Things that I love:

  • Fun idea. I like match-3 games, and I like the unique spin that this puts on the game verses the many standard games.
  • Being able to play on your own without having to be part of an alliance (even if that gets boring)
  • The visuls of the game are beautiful. High quality artwork everywhere.
  • The kindness of the community. I have run across very few trolls in General Chat and they are easy to block.
  • Having such a wide variety of heroes with abilities that both contrast and ballance againt each other.

I have a new question. Cyprian was my first 4 star character and I rushed to ascend him when all of a sudden the ingredients changed from one trap tools to four. I thought it might be an isolated incident but now Boldtusk needs four hidden blades to ascend and that wasn’t a requirement before. So is this a way to stretch out the game so people can’t advance as fast? Am I sticking with characters that are inferior to the newer ones? I admit, I got excited and dropped money into the game, (classic recovering alcoholic move. No longer drinking so become addicted to something else! Lol) because it seemed a way to speed up the process of ascending characters but the trap tools and hidden blades are items obtained through other isolated events, titans, alliance wars, so it’s even harder to obtain what is needed. So for the past four weeks Cyprian has sat maxed out at the third level unable to ascend to the fourth and improve his stats.

All my heroes have cost me 4 ascension items for 4*. And more than that for 5*

(Did you start the game before March/April 2017? I know the game existed before it’s official launch, and perhaps operated by different rules)

I guess what I meant is as you are leveling up the character, I would hit the ascend button to see how high I had to get before maxing out that level and it would list what was needed, because you get lots of stuff from battles that you wouldn’t know what part it will play until later. I saw I had plenty of the other things but no trap tools. Where I saw one, you are saying that’s per level so now that I’m about to go from 3rd to 4th it needs 4 of them.

I’ve been playing since last summer, and the ascension mat requirements have remained the same throughout. All heroes of a color have the same requirements.

This might help:


Sometimes the screen cuts off the right (at least on my phone, so here it is, cut in half (Click each pic to see the full thing):

As you can see that is 4* and 5* (which will cost both)

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Is that the iPhone version? Lol that’s fancy. Me and my ghetto droid are jealous😋

No, that’s a user created graphics.

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Hey, I was raised on a trs-80 in school so how would I know? I apologize for making a joke out of my original question. Clearly I made a mistake, a thousand lashes with semi wet al dente fettucine await me.

It’s a heavily borrowed user created graphic (not mine).

Much spaghetti waving at both of us! :grin:

Why we can not send another player ascend material? That is pretty sucks cause they wait for 6 month for ond piece.

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Absolutely love the countless hours Ive spent playing this game.

Love the fact that there are lots of things to do in it and seems to me to get better the farther I progress. Constantly keeps me learning and trying new strategies, things I normally don’t do IRL. Life gets pretty mundane sometimes.

People are gonna hate me for this, but, I actually like the wars (even though sometimes seem broken) so I can see how I fare with both contibution to my alliance and how I stack up with my team mates and other alliances.

Haha and of course finding this forum. It’s definitely helped my gameplay out.

All in all I can think of many far worse ways to spend time and play gachas.


You can read the Shortlist thread to see which ideas are currently being considered for inclusion in the game:

Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

Sorry Hello ,I Dont know who out there in charge is going to be actually reading and im hoping this message gets to the right people .I hate how players are being reportrd both in gc and now ar too it would seem .Do you guys actually know whats going on in these chat rooms its silly and is now driving players out really the reporting of a player called Gmork is out of line and who ever did it needs banning from the game completly he is the sweetest guy i know .Now to ar heyalexa banned too seriously you guys going to keep turning a blind eye to these silly reporters who are spoiling it for everyone.Guys in charge its time to get in therr yourselves sort this problem out who are these repoters spoiling it for everyone .You guys are loosing good players because of this !!!

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It’s really bizarre Debb. I got banned 5 days ago for talking to an old friend. We used extremely mild adult humor. Like it was pg13. No warning, a ban immediately from a puritan I blocked but not quick enough I guess. It’s really strange. Spend hundreds of dollars on this game only to have myself and half my friends blocked in a week. Some strange witch hunt going on. This is my handle in the game too, Kona.

Seems there is no end to this ban players thats going on .Come on theres got to be someone reading this from up in the heavens.There has been a girl or lady on this morning id rather not repeat the 2 words she was saying ,she gets no ban .Nice guys good players get banned it really is becoming a joke that isnt funny

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Hello guys I don’t know really where to send this complaint. PLEASE could you guys do something about the constant offa of gems in gc its obviously a troll or bot, its so very annoying and it’s getting worse. Seems everyday players who are just having fun get banned or muted and yet you do absolutely nothing about these complete pests. PLEASE FIX THEM Thankyou.

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So, been awhile since I have posted. We ALLL know the squeaky wheel gets the grease! LOL
Yet, even I can see that for my personal heroes, the best of my best, all 5* and with 4* troops at level 20, suddenly they are not performing as they used to. AND, there have been many times where a cascade will reach 9 or higher and the opponents, either in raids, quests, tournaments, etc. Will stare back and say ,“So?” And not take damage, obliterate my team, and then you HAVE TO SPEND GEMS!!! And…question why a game that one enjoyed for over 2yrs as a break from real life troubles, that thousands of real money was spent, suddenly goes and stands on a corner ignoring you yet impatiently waits for the next “John” to arrive.

Yes, I do not mince words and hate when greed suddenly commands a changing of the rules of the game.

Little to no communication with players even beta players get ignored most the time, development time or fixing anything in the game such as the weekly raid challenge takes far to long. At the smallest, the lead on that team should be out of a job already, 10 weeks in and still counting. That’s my 2 biggest, i no longer give this company a dime, have went FtP here, blizzard now gets that extra entertainment funds SG once had.

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