What do you guys consider a good 60 pull?

Hey guys just wanted your guys input on this, my brother did a 60 pull last Atlantis I believe and he says it wasn’t good but I think the exact opposite. Any thoughts?

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60 plus summons and no Kingston - #8 by Ozy1

As for the OP you coukd read this post.

I counted 14/30 heroes that were 4* & up (including a 5* Albereich) on the first 30 pull and 6/30 4* and up on the second. That’s a lot of Gobblers & I don’t know if he needs 2 Amoennas, but it looked good to me! I would be thrilled if I got a few 4* and up that I don’t have already… And Albereich is awesome!!! The rings were nice, too…


Exactly my thoughts! Glad to see someone on my side lol


I’m going to keep the threads separate. While related, each OP has a different question.

And to answer the question, based on the title, I expected to see mostly 3* and zero 5*. Whether it’s a good pull depends on where you’re at in the game and what your objective was, but one could argue getting Alby alone made it a good pull.


I’m a firstborn…my favorite 2 word sentence is “You’re right!”

That being said, I think there’s a huge letdown after big pulls just because all of your hopes & dreams are spent! “Good” is subjective. If someone already had Albereich, it might have been less exciting…

I hope as he sorts through things he finds things he loves…and tells you you’re right!!!:bouquet:


Thanks little. Looks like I might win this argument:)

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Thanks. I hope so too!

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That’s what I was expecting, too @littleKAF. It was exciting to see a 5* & Alby is on my wish list…


Until Alby showed up, I thought this was going to be an “I hate Gobbler” thread. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Lol yeah if it weren’t for Alby it probably would have been a waste

Well, expected results for 60 pulls in Atlantis would be:

1 5* / 16 4* / 33 3*

Actually it’s 1.5 5* but i rounded down

If you get more 4* or 5* than that then it’s a lucky pull. If you actually get ones you WANT, then it’s a great pull.


Sorry, but no. With a chance of 2.5 % + 1.3 % (HoTM) = 3.8 % the expected number of 5* heroes would be 0.038 * 60 = 2.28.

So, basically getting 2 5* heroes or less is unlucky, getting 3 or more lucky.
However, most will agree that one Alberich or Ursena is a better pull than three low-end 5* like Thorne, Quintus or Margaret.

As for the 4* heroes: If you already have all of them, they aren’t worth much more than an Aife. If it’s the first Atlantis pull and you get Wilbur, Proteus etc it is probably still a rather good pull even if no or ‘only’ one 5* heroes show up.

I did 37 Atlantis pulls today, did not get one single 5* hero and already have all Atlantis 4* and regular 4* heroes at least twice (some even more than ten times). So it’s basically 37 worthless feeder heroes (well, I still keep all 4* as they might possibly be useful once Hero Academy is released :roll_eyes:)

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Alberich saved the day.

You can be happy with Wilbur and Gadeirus (if you don’t already have them) but all the others are quite meh. I’m not really fond of Ameonna, let aside 2 of them.

Different players have different points of view.
Your deck totally change your perspective of good/bad pulls.

That said i miss several HotM and Atlantis heroes myself (many epics too) and my opinion is that it is not a good 60 pull.

As i already said, Alberich saved the day, but it is more an avoided complete disaster.


Every type of summon including an Alberich is good! I’d love to have him.


The second 30 pulls…were total mess, overall with Alby in the first 30, I will say not bad.

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If he’s newer to the game just getting Wilbur and Alberich was great.
Not to mention other valuable 3-4*

If he’s been playing for awhile then alberich May be the only one of interest. Unless he’s going to make an all Gobbler team? :wink:


Yes, I discounted the HOTM, probably because I haven’t got one in over a year and I now just deny their existence :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good or bad depends on ones perspective… For me, having already 2x Alberich and all the Wilburs I will ever need, this would be an absolute waste of money. For a new player with not so deep roster, this might be quite opposite. In fact, if there was a single elite 5* like Ariel, Hel, Panther among 100x junk heroes, I would consider it an absolute win, given that it took me many more pulls to get Hel and Panther…