What do you do when your mats are all dried up?

I have been in an ascension mat slump for almost 2 months now. I’ve bought a few items and I get every rare quest item, but I am stuck. I have heroes to feed, but I can’t take anything past 60 and anything under a maxed 4* or a 3-70 5* is useless to me. I’ve already leveled 7 heroes to 60 and some are duplicates of already maxed heroes. I have 8 5*s stuck at 70 which is one less than I have at 80.

I don’t need any heroes to complete the class or any other quests or events.

So what to do?

I started moving my food production to troop leveling, but even troops are running low with just 1*s at the bottom of the barrel.

I guess I could level 3 stars for events

What do you do?


Sounds like the right time to build up some 3* teams. Then farming, hoping and produce as many war items as you can.

To have more than enough food and iron seems a little bit of a luxury problem.

Waiting for mats and finishing as many chests as you can, especially war and titan chests.

You’re at a crazy point of the game, I think. May the next events throw some of the wanted. Some maxed 3*s may help at that point.

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Farming training swords and backpacks.

I literally never had this problem and always had something to work on. Even now i’m levelling 1 for each color.

Already have 29 maxed 3*, 28 maxed 4* and 12 maxed 5*.

I havemt till now. I just killed titan 17 that had nothing. I am always A or A+ but in the past 17, the only mats I have received is one compass, one pair of gloves and one trap tools. Chests have given nothing as well. Past 4 elemental chests were mat free

I’ve been on the lucky side (I think) with class tokens, but I am getting to the point where I resent them because I can’t give them to the unleveled hero’s I want them to go to.

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It’s always like that. If you have the heroes, you don’t have the mats and reverse.

That’s my actual 3* AM situation, which for the hero i have is a real waste of materials.

Have faith.
They always come all togheter.


I agree that focusing on a 3* event team seems like a fun way to cope with the 4* AM drought.

Unfortunately, even at the highest 4* AM drop rate estimate I’ve seen on 12* titans, it could easily be 50+ titans before you get a drop (that would be about the 95% probable point for a 4* AM drop). So having a plan B for the next little while is a smart move.

Just to check: are you also getting all of the items for Epic and Legendary challenge event completion? Obviously those are only once per month, but it does get you 5 3* mats just for finishing both, which helps a teeny bit.

That aside, you could potentially try to acquire some new heroes you’re more excited to (partially) level than your current bunch. That might mean running more tc20, or finishing off Atlantis hard levels to get more coins if you haven’t already.

Or, as others have said, you could finally catch up on some solid 3* for events and likely impending raid challenges.

Otherwise it might just make sense to bank feeders in your training camps for when you’re ready. Keep them running 24/7 and don’t let them stop so you don’t have to take out the feeders until you have mats. Then you can power level with them when your dry spell finally breaks.

Thanks. I think I am going with the 3 stars and if nothing changes, just bank my feeders. It will be a little hard for my TC2, but I’ll find something to do with them.

I’m sitting on 112 heroes that are just 4 and 5 stars. There are only a few heroes I don’t have and most of those I don’t have, I don’t want.

Looks like I will just have to sit through the drought.


Yeah, given your extensive roster, I think 3* plus prepping anything else you’ll eventually max, and then banking thereafter is a smart combo — even though it may not be super exciting at the moment.

But you’ll have rapid progress to look forward to when you get more mats!

In the meantime, I guess just pray to the RNG gods? And enjoy the company of your alliance and forum mates. :slight_smile:

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@zephyr1, I speculated about this in a different thread, but it didn’t generate much interest. I have heard absolutely nothing, but I suspect that 3* heroes will play some (potentially significant) role in the weekly raid challenges. Do you have any information / would you care to speculate? I have been debating leveling a couple additional 3* heroes to prepare, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger.

My logic was essentially that the Trials are compelling a lot of people to dust off and even level heroes that they don’t ordinarily use (there’s been a lot of talk about Skittleskull, for example). To me it makes sense that the weekly raid challenges would continue in this direction, especially since it’d be easy to say a given week’s challenge only allows 3* heroes, or a certain team power (which would necessitate one or more 3* hero to be used).


I take as many 5* and 4* as i can to the point of needing rare mats then take them up in order of most needed to least needed as i get the mats.

If i cant do that then it’s good down time to stock packs, swords, rugged clothes, tc20 trainings, recruits and work on troops day to day until it’s time to work on heros again


I typically just look at my roster, see all my awesome heroes that I can’t ascend yet, and cry for a few hours. Then I wipe the snot off my face and pick a few 3* to work on. Breaks the monotony, and now the rare event tiers are my favorite, because I get to play with those 3* that I wouldn’t have any use for otherwise.

I also check my mission lists and see what I need to get done, like killing a number of a certain enemy, completing a number of poison mist stages, etc…


I haven’t heard anything either, and as far as I know, that feature isn’t even in beta yet.

But speculate, sure.

We don’t have to guess too hard from the early concept image shared that restrictions on hero star levels are likely to be one of the variables, since that was shown in that image.

And I agree with you that all signs point to the 2019 updates being in part to motivate expanded roster building, and give new life and purpose to a variety of heroes.

I have to think that with a fair bit of effort invested in new Atlantis 3* heroes, there’s good indication that 3* heroes will have some new time in the sun this year.

And I personally think that’s really exciting, if it happens. It’ll give new opportunity for challenges that don’t depend on having a roster full of the rarest heroes. And it will open more of the game to a variety of player levels and spending — which I think is productive for the community.

And, for me personally, it’ll give purpose to my extensive hero hoarding, which includes at least one of every regular 3*, and all Atlantis 3* that I’ve gotten so far.

Except Dawa and Renfeld. I just can’t with them.


@zephyr1, I’ve been looking for the right opportunity to say this, but finding the right thread has been hard, since they’re often closed / merged. I want to say thank you for your continual efforts in finding threads that should not exist and alerting moderators / linking to the threads they should be merged into. I’m sure I’m not the only person who notices how often you do that, and you deserve to be thanked. Thank you.

I too have been a bit more liberal in keeping 3 star heroes lately. Are you leveling any of them? Or are you going to wait and see what the challenges look like and then level as needed?

When the Trials rolled out I was weak in a few classes, and immediately set about remedying that. I am confident I can now beat the first two stages in all the Trials (which was certainly not true when that update rolled out), and am guessing I can do the third on maybe half of them. I’m trying to bring my roster up to be able to do them all.

I think the players who already had the roster to do all the stages gained a clear edge, and I believe a similar opportunity could present itself with the raid challenges. Which is why I’m debating changing courses and working on a few more three stars. If I have a good bench of three stars, and if the raid challenges have restrictions like we’re guessing, and if the raid challenges do end up being a significant source of emblems…and now that I’m writing all that out it feels a little too Drake Equation-y and all of a sudden the idea of dumping resources into three star heroes feels like not the right play. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m sure you get my point. Curious what your thoughts are and if you’re doing anything to be more prepared for the raid challenges.

Yes, thanks all.

I was sincere about the question and got good answers as well as encouragement. I didn’t want to start another post complaining about drop rates. We all know how it is and if we are new, we soon learn.

Looks like it is an very good time to look at the 3 stars. I forgot about upcoming challenges. It will be a fresh new experience in the game and make it almost new for me as I bought my way into the game and never really used 3 star heroes.

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Thanks for the thanks! :smile:

I have around 14 of my 3* maxed, and I did level some of those beyond when I had started working on 4* a long while ago, when I didn’t have a better project to work on for a particular color, since I feed 5 at a time. But I ran 3xtc20 for around 6 weeks and did some Summons the last few months, so I’ve had enough to work on that I haven’t come back to them in a while. For now they’re a “when I’m done with other things” project, but that could change if the Raid Challenges or other new game changes made them more relevant.

I started working on my roster for Class Trials before they were released by arbitrarily bringing every 4* I could up to 3-60. I started with variety, and then moved right onto duplicates.

As it turned out, that put me in pretty good shape for the Class Trials as a starting point.

Once the official release was out, I mapped out my heroes by class and chose my next two rounds of rainbow leveling to best address my roster shortcomings. The timing worked out well, and so far I’ve had heroes ready before each trial, and I’ve moved onto my third round of leveling.

So far I’ve finished all of them, albeit with items needed for some final stages, mostly when my teams are healer-heavy and can’t do enough damage to finish off the bosses before they themselves heal.

I think it’s likely that more of the Raid Challenges than not will focus on rules that still make 4-5* heroes make sense. So it’s probably not worth shifting leveling priorities to 3* to a crazy degree in vague anticipation of something we know so little about.

But for @Hcmitchellr’s case in particular, where it’s perhaps not a distraction at all, but rather something to do, I think it could make a lot of sense to level up some of the very best 3*.

In your case, it sounds like finishing filling your gaps for Class Trials would be a more productive goal for now.

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I take loser (I kind of kid) 5* to 2/60 out of boredom feeding them 1* to try and get them to 8/8 special before 2/60. With what looks to be a possibly big rebalance with version 20 I feel like maybe some of these bums will become worthwhile.

I also take potential usable for war 4* to 3/60.

If I come across a usable 3* for events then I level them (like a Rudolph).

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