What do you craft and what are you out of to make it?

Forges are relatively new to me, and so is using battle items. I’m starting to rank things based on how useful they are, and if I can afford to craft them or not.

First I used bear and turtle banners, axes, and arrows against titans.

Then I noticed that I was out of Metal Ores, and the bear banners took TWO of them, and Axes only took one. I’ve mostly stopped using bear banners, and don’t craft them anymore.

Second, I discovered that battle items could blast me through the three-boss challenge event stages which I still have trouble with. (5x Dragon Attack, Bomb, Axe, and Arrow, or however much of that I could carry at various stages.

I’m not running out of anything yet, but Metal Ores and Hardwood Lumber reserves are low or dwindling.

Third, I finally got Wu Kong and started using him against titans; now I use mana potions. I’m rapidly chewing through the ingredients of minor mana’s right now, but I’ll be doing the 60% mana potions and dig into my stores of dust and midnight roots next. When I get a forge upgraded to 17, I’ll probably start crafting Super Mana’s too.

Time Stops and Tornados look awesome, but I can’t craft them yet either. Soon-ish, I think. I hear that you kinda need them for 10* titans, but my alliance is getting 8*s. I’m kinda planning on burning through my stockpile making them.

I’ve always had a ton of healers, so I almost never use any healing potions, and I’ve gotten more revive scrolls and miracle scrolls in loot than I’m likely to use.

I farm 8-7, so someday I’ll want to burn some food, and make over 4000 minor healing from my common herbs, but I don’t know when I’ll use those either.

Potent Healing potions don’t appear to use any ingredients that would limit my other crafting. Regular healing potions use mushrooms, which are in other things, but don’t seem to be ones I use a lot or am running out of.

Super Healing, Revive, and Miracle all use ingredients that would go into my list of more useful items listed earlier, and I probably won’t craft them at all.

What do other people do?

Bomb and dragon attacks are too expensive.
Super healing and super antidotes are the same. The only use for miracle scrolls are 14* titans?

I’ve been in 12-9 for a few months now so my loot has been better.

I use mana potions, regular antidotes, and occasionally dragon banners, dragon attacks, bombs and axes for the final level of challenge events

Midnight roots seem to be my limiting ingredient at the moment

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I use whatever I can get my paws on.

I stockpile arrows, axes, antidotes and minor mana potions. Everything else changes depending on how much of x I can make at a time. :smile:

I’m assuming that you mean you are limited by crafting ingredients.

Right now I’m pretty reluctant to make much unless my builders can’t keep up with my iron production, then I quick craft some bombs or dragon attacks to get my iron under control. I’m still pushing HARD for TC20, tho.

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Yes, I have a Forge 20, an 18, and 17. I’m only limited by ingredients. :wink:

Given that, what have you chosen to make (mostly) with your limited ingredients? In some cases, you have to trade one thing off against another.

Are there any ingredients besides common herbs that just pile up?

Antidotes and Timestops both use Oil. I often have to pick one over the other (Antidotes!)

Arrows and Tornadoes both use Crude iron. Argh! Tough choice.

Healing Potion, Bear Banner, Axe Attack all use Crypt Mushroom.

Turtle Banner, Potent Healing Potion, Super Antidote, Revive Scroll, Super Mana Potion* all use Firestone.

Revive Scroll, Super Healing Potion*, Tornado all use Orichalcum Nugget.

Depending on the day, I might make one or more of these.

EDIT: This is my inventory; you can decide what I’m not making enough of. :grin:


I notice you are completely out of hardwood lumber (axes and dragon attacks, another tough choice)

Do you use most of the items you craft against titans? I use them there and I build some up for challenge events.

And I forgot to say … I don’t know what you should or could craft instead…but maybe your farming should shift to get more of something?

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Fighting 10* titans right now and it is tough. Currently hoarding up 3*/4* battle items to compete in a challenge event so can’t use those. I was using minor potions and medium potions but competing in the previous rare event wiped out my stock, only have about 20 minor, 10 medium, and no leather strips lol. So annoying to fight titans without mana potions especially when you see a good board about to go off. Right now I rotate potent healing pots (500hp one), bear banners, turtle banners, regular antidotes, and minor mana potions depending on the titan. If it’s a particularly tough titan that is one-shotting heroes through the arrows and turtle banner I throw in axes but use it only sparingly because grimmforest wiped out my stock >_<

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I craft axes, bombs, mana pots, and bear/dragon banners mostly. Metal ores and midnight roots are my limiting factors. I started up a thread in the Ideas section but it hasn’t gained much traction yet…but the gist of it is the economy of crafting mats is pretty ■■■■ at the moment. Too few mats are needed by too many crafts.

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My roots go to super mana and bombs, my lumber goes to dragon attacks, my nuggets go to tornadoes.

I’d love to craft axes, but lumber is too rare. I use lots of minor mana and bear banners for titans since the other craftables are too expensive/rare and saved for monthly events.

Nugget drop rate has been pretty bad this month for me… I am going to hit a bottleneck on them in the next month or so.

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I use arrows a lot, and tornadoes in emergencies. Both use crude iron, so I ran out. Stuck farming 6-8 as a result, and getting a single crude iron about every other trip through.

I also do a lot of tc19, so I’ve used over a thousand rugged clothes in the couple of months since I researched it. I can see this becoming a limiter.

I try to only use battle items in any heavy volume if it’s a titan that we need to stretch on but we know we can beat. If it’s an 8* I won’t really use anything. Low level 9*, maybe something. High level 9* or 10*, yeah, I’ll be using items. This allows me to accrue items I need for events and the higher titans. I have >200 of every ingredient, other than Dragon bones which I have 100 of and hover around there. I also have >100 of every 4* battle item using this strategy, and axes/bombs as well (all for events).

Yes, it sometimes means my floor is lower than it should be, but it also ensure the rest of the alliance has a chance to attack before it gets beaten too,

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I love crafting. I’m always out of ingredients. I only make a few items though:

Fastrunners - I use these for titans, note how their limiting ingredients don’t conflict:
small mana potions, limitation: strips of leather, but large bones aren’t far behind.
super mana potions: limitation: nightroot.
axes: limitations: ores and hardwood
turtle banner: got plenty in stock and ingredients to make more
In daily practice, I’m always out of mana potions or almost out of them. Titan fights eat them like fire eats dried grass.

Specialties - I use these for events.
arrows: got 349 in stock and that’ll do, will use these on titans if out of axes
bear banner: limitation: ores, don’t use these for titans because of conflict with axes.
bombs: lmitiations: ores and nightroot, don’t use these for titans because of conflict with manapots
dragon banner: limitation: ores, don’t use these on titans because of conflict with axes
tornadoes: Iimitation: raw iron, not a big supply of these, sometimes I use them on titans, they’re powerful.

My roots are going to super mana potions as I am leveling Hansel and I have Wu. Once he’s full strength, I hope to have a decent horde so I can fire him up right away.

Oil is killing me as I need regular antidotes and time stops. Antidotes are more important so I tend to not make many time stops unfortunately.

Midnight roots are another limiting ingredient for me but I get enough to make a few super mana potions a day.

My nuggets go 100% to tornadoes. I’m trying to build up a stash of those as well.

I’m always short of Fine Steel as I use Super Healing Potions for Titans a lot.

Same here. Not that I use Time Stop a lot, but simple antidotes run out at a speed of light.

Doing timestop…tornados…mid healing and midmana most. Have a serious lack of dragonbones :grin:

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