What do you contribute to the forum

This idea by @JonahTheBard had me laughing this morning.

And since I clearly fall into the first category i am attempting to do my part and show you the evidence

  • Please provide all you data to prove your accusation
  • You’re right, this happened to me, it’s a conspiracy
  • It’s all based on a lot of random summons and pulls, of course there will be differences
  • I’m new and can’t start a new thread so sorry, but should I ascend Renfeld
  • A considerable amount of eye-rolling and a soupçon of discrete snark
  • Thread closed by @zephyr1 following a standoff between SG fanclub and the Illuminati

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Poll is borken - can’t choose multiple options (maybe poll is rigged and varies between accounts?).

I ask for data and then when it is not given / the request is ignored / the poster is rude I shift to what is decidedly more than a soupçon of snark.


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