What do you consider C2P?

What is the cutoff before a player is P2W?

I consider myself to be C2P.

I purchase the monthly VIP and the 1000 gems for $5 before the challenge events.
And sometimes I will buy the $1.99 or $2.99 event sales,
but only if it has a 3* or *4 non-farmable ascension item.

This usually allows me to do a 10x pull (mostly during the challenge events)


Thats a good question.

I consider myself a C2P player as well. In the beginning I used to buy more gems but have stopped lately.

Other than a bit more at the beginning as mentioned I purchase the same kinds of things you do.

I may have spent more than some but in no way am I P2W.

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I suspect it depends on a combination of your pocket book, the value perceive you get out of spending, how much you enjoy the game and feel you should support it and how easily you can justify spending on any hobby in your own mind.

But I suspect a range would be from 5.00 to 30.00 per month for most people…and the chart would look like a bell shape with the peak near the middle of that.


I’d consider myself C2P at $30 (New Zealand) per month. I stick to that regardless of summons outcome or flash offers being waved in my face.
As pointed out, C2P or even P2W, is very much determined by the depth of an individual’s pockets: If an Oligarch dropped $100,000 on Empires, the vast majority of players would balk, but to that person its chump change.

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To me C2P is if you buy only high discounted offers while building your rooster with training camps, opposed to buy gems daily/weekly (even without discounts) and summoning stuff a nonstop.


I’m VIP, $.99, $1.99, 2.99 and twice the $19.99. I’ll keep withe the lower ones, probably never do the $19.99 again.

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Before answering the main question, we need to clarify some concepts.
P2W… What is the WIN part?.. To be in a top alliance? To be top 10? 100 maybe? To be top 100 in your region/country? (Easier to compare, U$S 1 is not worth the same in every country)
C2P… Do you consider total money invested/spent in the game? Maybe money spent per month, or year?
Actually it’s a difficult question to answer.
Having said that, I consider myself C2P. After 4 months playing I invested (not spent!) in 4 VIP passes and few hot offers, maybe U$S 200 in total.


In the context of this thread, P2W means you spend more than C2P.

I’ll draw the line at US$10/month, enough for VIP and the deeply discounted, small-scale offers.


I spend slightly more than you at (approximately) $22/month. I’ve never considered myself P2W but maybe in light of your observation, I need to reevaluate that notion :thinking::joy:


We need a S2P (shop to play) category for all those big spenders who must have the latest hero of the month.

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Whenever you get an advantage above other players, because you spend money you’re maybe C2P but always P2W. If there is no advantage, then it’s just C2P.

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I consider P2W who don’t have a real budget, but that shop until sone kind of perception (is it satisfaction for good pulls, is it rage for long bad pulls) stop them from shop anymore.

People who shop regardless of inventory, and regulary buy every single shiny offer.

Long story short, people who don’t really care of spending real money.


I got VIP and I will buy the occasional small super discounted offers. By some standards I’ll be C2P.

However, I enjoy consuming the things I buy and they do help me progress in the game. Which in my book counts as winning the game. So by my personal definition, I am absolutely P2W.

ps. in order to enjoy consuming the things I buy, I’ve discovered that for me it’s essential to -NOT- do 10 token summons because they suck, they are for me the definition of P2L.


Only buying discounted gem + ascension item deals is my version of cheap to play. I’d do VIP if I had a need for the builders. So most months I spend nothing and then when these pop up on a calendar I may spend $20. I’m averaging maybe $6/mo over 15 months of play.

I do exactly as the OP and also consider myself C2P. Only I often go days without the VIP before I purchase it.

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C2P is obviously subjective, but I think the emerging definition is about $10-$20 USD/mo. That is enough for VIP, the deep discounts, and another small purchase.

By this definition I was C2P for about 6 months. I have since stopped spending as my buildings are all maxed and I am satisfied with the value of the game as F2P and not convinced that the C2P model has much more to offer me. Even so, the $90 or so I’ve spent on this game is the most I’ve ever spent on any game. As a former game developer, I know I’d be thrilled if people considered themselves C2P but still shelled out ~$100 each for my game.

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I suppose I might belong to a separate category Cr2P. Because in technicality, you stop becoming a F2P if you spent anything of real monetary value besides the in-game currency (Gems, Atlantis Coins, Tokens) to get something, even for something like a few dollars.

I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts that as of now, playing since January of 2018 and have only been using Gems/Token I’ve acquired through normal game means (Chests/Titan Loots/Mystic Visions), and upon a certain point in the game, Google Play Store decided to gift me a promotional 1 to be used. So it wasn't really my money to begin with (e.g. it did not come from my own bank account), and I spent it on a flash deal of Gems. But to SGG, it's still money coming into their coffers (doesn't matter the amount or original source the ). So my account has only generated +$0.99 for SGG since its creation, but to SGG, even with so large a player base worldwide, if they can quantify how much of expenses they would incur to upkeep my player data/profile/status, I may as well be a loss revenue account to them.

So having only 0.99 from my profile, I've not ever had a VIP Pass, not spent further on Gem acquisition, chest skips, packs, avatars and pins. So I will probably viewed interchangeably between F2P or C2P (for both my view on spending for this game and how much I’ve actually “spent”), but I may be even cheaper than the C2P “qualifications” than the ones who have posted here.

Why do I not spend more? Don’t I want certain and certain heroes or achievements?
There are several things that I keep in mind every time there is an opportunity to spend on this game.

  1. There are plenty of players with far larger/better rosters than I will ever be able to catch. There is no $$ to be gained for me even if I somehow make it as top ranked player.
  2. The game does not have an end-game moment where you are pressured into having to get to in a certain amount of time.
  3. The game has PvP elements, but not required for advancements, it may take me longer to get some materials, (because I don’t Raid, so my Hero Chest has been filled a total of 2 times since playing, only because the Season 1 Map forces you to create Outposts by Raiding in order to advance).
  4. The game gives me normal means of having some level of success, and that is through training camps. I won’t get event, seasonal, or heroes of the month this way, but at least they aren’t terrible.
  5. Perhaps one of the most discussed, and is the source of most of the players frustrations, is that even I do spend money, there is no guarantee that I will acquire so and so uber coveted heroes.
  6. The game is a means to test my patience, resolve, and discipline.

So, understandably not every one would play like I do, but it’s just the method I choose to play E&P.


Interesting tidbit - I haven’t spent a dime of my own money. I had a couple itunes gift cards. One as a thank you from my old job and one recently. Does that make me free to play since I haven’t spent a dime of my own money? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it really matter? Spend within your means, compete at your level, and have fun. Period.

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For me:

  • F2P = spends nothing…ever

  • P2P/P2W = buys what they please, when they please, how they please. Total expenditures usually make F2P/C2P gasp.

  • C2P = has spent more than nothing, but far less than P2P. Usually sticks to a budget of some kind; prolly spends less than $30 a month (insert arbitrary number).

I’m C2P. Maybe one day I’ll slide into another category. :wink:


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