What do we gain from defensive raids?

No. You set it and forget it. Your reward is that you have a higher base of cups that you hover around, and hopefully it keeps you in a more rewarding raid tier.

I do not think that there should be an additional cost to raid. Lower level players already have to spend resources to re-roll for opponents that they feel like they can defeat with their limited roster. Adding additional cost would only make them raid less. For higher level players, the food and iron is fairly inconsequential, so why even bother adding this feature?

Interesting suggestion. I am just not in favor of it ;).

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That’s the thing though. The more I think about it, I am surprised I never realized it. Anyone can gain rank by attacking. Even by your own accord players can reroll if a team is not to his/her liking. Winning on defense is another beat all together. Even a cosmetic (no game play reward) in acknowledgement would be nice. A badge of honor to say not only can I dish it out but I can take it as well.

The only problem I see is abuse. People would drop rank so they could get a reward. Maybe tie it into the achievement system? Multiple tiers? I’m not suggesting the rewards be game play like tokens or heroes or resources even just another aspect of the game players can take pride in.

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What if it didnt cost the attacker anything but simply rewarded the defender if he/she wins without taking anything at all away from the attacker? And sure you set it and forget it if that’s your style. Most test a lot of different defense setups and even max heros solely for their defense, i just figured it would be nice if that wasnt simply done for nothing