What do we gain from defensive raids?

I would love for raids to move to a new level of challenge. Like someone mentioned upthread, a refillable bar for successful defense. It would be a nice touch since defenders get nothing substantial in raids. It’s nice to get a little food, iron and recruits, but I’d love for their to be another level of competition. Like challenges. I’d love to be able to drop into Rigs tower and challenge him to a raid battle. I’d love to be able to spar with my alliance mates. Add something to hold our interest and make raiding more exciting.


Honestly I have more recruits than I know what to do with. I have training camps qued up for months (literally.) Hell I would be happy with level one troups over recruits at this point. Raid energy flasks would be another idea, or
rank “pins” that unlock at certain defensive wins … something related to raiding.

Trophy count us nice for the attacker as is offers little to the defender.

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Thank you

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I like where this is going. Idk why you wanna pick on little ol me tho lol

Rigs, my first thought may be unhelpful, but returning to your original post:

Offensive raids gain goodies because YOU’re the one doing the action. Defensive raids are handled by AI while you sit by.

I always thought that’s why there were no rewards for defensive raid wins. :slight_smile:

So then i shouldnt setup the best defense i can or bother maxing certain heros just to help my defense team?

While true we dont go through the motions of the match.

We still put time and resources into leveling those heros and troops, and put the thought behind strategizing them into the best team we can. I don’t feel it’s fair that goes unrewarded. Especially since i can win half my defensive raids and still lose cups.

Not to mention winning defensive raids isnt exactly easy. Hence why wars only let players use each hero one time and have special aids

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Well your options are clear:

  • Set a great defense and dont lose anything.
  • Set a weak defense and see a red revenge option in your tower.

The defense is still “let the AI handle my choice of defense lineup”.

You mean there is a magic lineup where we will not lose in defense ;-).

I get the AI thing, but there is strategy in picking a defensive team and arranging them in such a way that the AI has a harder time screwing it up. And even looking at low diamond or mid diamond its clear some people don’t get the whole “arranging the heroes” thing.

I think the big thing here is why would you run your strongest defence team? right now if I go 12 hours without attacking I settle in between 2500-2600 cups. I usually break into top 100 when filling a chest and it’s no challenge to fill in diamond. If I set a weaker defence team where I would drop to 2200 cups it would be much easier to fill chests and rewards would still be identical. I would like to see a mission or something with reward of an avatar or something. 1k or 5k defensive wins? Don’t really care about a real effective prize or reward but something would be cool. Also an avatar for first place would be nice as well. I have only made it to second but would be a reason to push for first. and would result in making SG a little money as it is likely people would buy refills to make the push to first.

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The reason this would seem to not be “ELO” is the matching mechanic is not attempting to balance any raid.

If a rank beginner with zero trophies taps the raid icon for the very first time, he is not going to be matched up with an opponent on any measure other than the opponent’s trophy count being 300 or less. The large number of cups the newb could win vs lossing none is not a balance. The analogy is a horse race in which a maiden is in a race with horses who have won before and the odds are very long for the maiden. No?

I agree Rigs, defending is an art and I think we should have a defence chest

How about it being a mission to be accomplished?

Getting gems (pls not an avatar) for successfully defending 500 times them 2500 time like other missions that repeat at higher requirements.

Problem with the chest is it would further encourage cup dropping unless they put a stipulation on it somehow

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Raids Successfully Defended

Actually you’re right. Another problem is if I deliberately lose my battles in between normal raid chests I start filling the raid defence chest of someone else :joy:

SG would probably make rewards really terrible in that case because everyone would be opening raid defence chests in no time

A mission might be a good idea as @Bud said

It dawns on me (slowly) that back in the day, before cup-dropping was a widespread practice, folks wanted to keep their cups up, why? To get into the top alliances that required x cups for entry.

Good stipulation would be to have a defense chest in each arena.
Now unlike normal hero chests where it can change arenas depending on you cup count. Make defense chests where they cant go down an arena but only up.

This would encourage players to climb higher in the ranks to get hit more in order to have higher chances of filling the chest rather than hanging in gold or platinum where players aren’t as active.

I can hang in low diamond and get hit 10 to 15 times a day. Or i can climb into the top 100 where i get a target on my back and get hit more, which in turn increases my chances for more defensive wins to open my chest.

I think this would encourage more competition along with rewarding sound defense setups

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Although true, even the higher alliances would cup drop and teach others the tactic as well in order to fill chests and gather large numbers of food.

SG changed that by setting a limit on the amount of food you can take from one watchtower. If that hadn’t been changed cup dropping would be as popular now as it once was.

But with the resources gained in chests being dependent on the level of our storage buildings, veteran players still know that they can earn much more resources by filling easier chests at lower flag costs and less rerolls than the higher chest.

Also since the amount of resources limit is a percentage and not a set amount, the bigger the watchtower, the more we can still pillage. Lower in the arenas we go, the less active the players and when you find level 30s or 40s that have gone inactive with decent level watchtower, the reward can be solid.

They are easier to find since they do have decent heros and new players dont, therefore it can keep inactive players hanging as high as platinum.

I have an alt account i never play, it still stays around 1500+ cups

Now noticing all that didn’t directly answer your question lol. Recruiting was different back then. We had more players competing to get in alliances. Now we have more alliances competing to get players and typically ready to drop a req or 2 if it means getting that player in the door.

Hence the top 100 alliances that have expansions and “families” now simply to hold more players until they’re strong enough to compete in the top alliance.

So long as it’s how often you’re hit, not in which Tier you’re hit. I don’t want to seem to promote elitism. :wink:

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C2p players such as brobb climb into top 100, so hopefully players won’t simply be discouraged by this idea just by their spending status

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Depends on Brobb’s bench, not their spending status. :slight_smile:

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