What do u think about hero classes? Will it disturb the gameplay?

The update of gameplay using hero classes will change everything. Now it can’t be guaranteed to kill certain heroes such as marjana from rogue class where she can (sometimes) dodge your hits after her classes maxed. Or some heroes from fighter class that can revive themselves after death such as magni, elena or delilah. Or some heroes from paladin class such as richard, ares, queen of hearts, that become harder to kill due to their additional defense buff from class talent.

Do you think the present of hero classes make the raid more interesting with unexpected twist, or will it make more stressfull? Let’s discuss what u think about this :blush:

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It makes the game more complex and with more options. You will need more strategy. I think this will make the game better

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I thought it was a great idea, it would finally be some help to us grinders out here. I skip every chest i can and play every event so there is now way i’d be left in the dust by the big spenders, that was until they started selling them now they aren’t a reward they are just another item for sale. Too bad it actually had me interested in the game again.

I see classes as a reasonable alternative to an introduction of 6* hero’s, which would be quite troubling due to history (players investment of time, money and whatnot). Classes are an interesting enhancement, of which I think it’s hard to make an educated opinion of before we get deeper into the talent trees.

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