What do stats do?

I am farily new to the game and only been playing for a couple months.
Have leveled up my stronghold to level 16 and working to get it to level 20.

I have looked around the forum with no luck so far but I have yet to understand how the stats of the heros and troops work so I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction.

So far I understand that all heroes and troops have three stats, attack, defense and health.
Pretty clear but what does the attack status do to the heroes that do not have an mana attack, like the healers and the stats modifiers heroes?

Does their attack # mean anything at all?
Same for the troops, what is the purpose of their defense and health #heroes
Are they added to the hero status?

One final question for now, when choosing which hero to level up, which stat is the most important to consider?
I have using the health# as the top priority when choosing the hero.


Hero stats are applied to your tiles
Troop stats are applied to your heros

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Attack stat determines the tile damage.

On what stat to consider: That depends on the usage of the hero. For example for healer you usually want def and hp(so they can stay alive).
For hitters, so heroes whose special attacks the enemies, you’d usually like a high attack so they deal as much damage as possible when using their special.
But this is usually all case by case. As there are many synergies and desynergies in the specials and different fights reguire different teams. For example in titan team you usually want high tile damage (so high attack stat). But all in all specials are usually the most important, especially different buffs and debuffs.


Just had to one up me didn’t ya? Lol


Actually didn’t even see your post as I was writing my own :stuck_out_tongue:

Also on OP: Troops actually have more stats, as the 4* troops have healing bonus, mana bonus, and critical strike chance in them.


True just used a broad generalization as a starting point

You know any threads to link him to? I haven’t looked at any that discuss this. Maybe copperskys guide?

Well most of #player-guides. Don’t have any specifics.

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Did not expect this twist. :slight_smile:
I thought the troops were applied to the gems on the board.

How does that work then?
I have a red hero with 564 attack, 416 defense and 847 health and assigned to it I have troops with these stats:
10% attack, 16% defense, 3% health and 12% healing bonus.

First of all that 564 attacks is exactly what? A percentage, an absolute? And is it applied per Gem in the board or per turn? (ie it doesnt matter if its three gems or 6 gems)

As for the troops # then does that mean then that the hero has actually an attack of (564+10%) 620?


I’ll get you some threads hold on lol

Yes. And the rest of the stats are calculated the same way.

Each gem deal damage equal to 1/3 of the hero(es) attacks values (of that gems color). Then it is calculated by through a formula that takes account defense (Damage Calculation) to determine how much damage does the opponent actually take


That’s some light evening reading :smiley: Good job!


Those should point you in the direction of findin out just about anything you want to know. And dont be afraid to click other links at the bottom of each page to jump to new topics

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Thanks just tried to grab a little bit of everything then throw in coppersky guide to cover the in betweens hopefully


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