What do I need to beat level 14-7?

My main team in battle order left to right.
Sha Ji - fully ascended + 11 emblems
Graymane -fully ascended lvl 11
Brienne - 2nd level ascended lvl 31
Renfeld - fully ascended lvl1
Jahangir - fully ascended lvl1

Exalted Monks lvl 4
Imperial Knights lvl 2
Rebel Sharpshooters lvl 4
Reanimated Knights lvl 3
Firecaller Wizards lvl 4

I do have a red 3* Trainer Hero to use on Jahangir when I get 9 more reds for maximum level upgrade.

Problem is the boss on this level can one hit kill any of my team and its mana recharge is pretty darn fast. So even when I do make it to the end with the full team and have enough potions to charge full HP and mana, leading off with Brienne followed by Jahangir (if he doesn’t get taken out right to start), I’m still toast 5 to 7 moves later.

Other heroes I have, Valen 2nd level ascended + lvl 7, Carver lvl 25, Gan Ju lvl 14, Azar lvl 10, Prisca lvl 5
Hawkmoon lvl 1, Bane lvl 1. The rest is a gaggle of assorted ‘feeder mice’ 1* with a Brogan and an Olaf awaiting their fate to be absorbed into other heroes.

I see some pretty high level players still using a well buffed Bane, or two, in their defense team.

It sounds like you did a ten pull right off the bat if you never leveled your Bane. But that’s okay, that’s not necessarily the problem.

To start, Sha Ji is a weak link. He’s the weak color against the boss, and he’s a 2*, so by that point in the game, he’s a little obsolete, even with emblems. I would be taking Hawkmoon if I were you. I’d also give her attention over Jahangir for your red leveling. Belith is a better option, but you don’t have her (yet) and you’ll want Hawkmoon for when you hit the red elementals in a few more provinces.

I’d take Valen over Greymane, because that defense debuff on the boss is going to make a big difference in the damage done by the rest of your team.

Finally, I’d consider taking some additional direct firepower over Jahangir. He is showy, and if you’ve raided against him and gotten hit, you might be overestimating his power. He’s slow mana, and he doesn’t hit hard enough against bosses to make up for his weak defense. Azar or Gan Ju would be good options, because they’ll reduce the boss’s mana. I’d prefer Azar because she’s not weak against the boss, but take Gan Ju if you have to have a rainbow team.

As far as strategy, use tiles on the next to last board to charge mana. That way you can use potions while you’re fighting the boss, if you need them in a pinch. Against the boss, I usually take out the minions first and then ghost tiles on the sides to gain mana without charging the boss. And consider taking arrows, since you don’t have Bane to reduce the boss’s accuracy. They’re a cheap but effective tool.

And finally, you may just need more levels on your heroes. I know it’s tough to wait, but on the bright side, you’ve got just a few more levels to beat and you’ll unlock Season 2! And trust me, you won’t get too far without having fully leveled 3*s with some spares on your bench to match up against different fights.

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I’m not answering your question, but I just want to point out that if you can’t beat 14-7, just take a break from moving up the kingdom and go back and farm lower lands like 8-7 and 12.9 over and over to get good loot and xp and build up your heroes and then a week later you will likely blow on past 14-7 and keep going until you run into another unbeatable level and then back to 8-7 and 12.9 and repeat.

Waiting for 10 heroes per leveling saves a little ham but doesn’t really benefit on reaching 8/8 special skill any faster.


This is (IIRC) my 3rd Bane. Initially I was going for whatever looked like it would do the most damage. Hit hard, hit fast. So I used the initial Bane in leveling up.

Then I got a 2nd one somewhere and fed him to the leveling machine. The current one came from the one and only epic summon I’ve done when I got over 300 gems. As I was about to tap I thought “I’ll probably get a Bane.” and I did. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve run into some high level players in raids still using a Bane, which I’ve noticed is quite nasty with some leveling up. The only other time I spent gems on a summon was on epic troop and got Reanimated Knights that I’d already picked up somewhere else.

It will be interesting to see what my level 13 training camp spits out less than 24 hours left… Something 4* would be nice.

If I was starting fresh now, I would never have wasted gems skipping time or continuing after defeats.

I didn’t even know I could replay levels until I looked for a strategy guide online. IIRC I was all the way into 8 or 9 before I replayed any. Would be nice if upon beating the first level the game said “You can replay any level you’ve beaten to get more loot, recruits, heroes, or troops.”

As you begin in game, your first target is not beating the first world but reinforce your basement and your staff.

First of all if you have access to 14-7, it means you can farm 8-7 and 9-1 and 7-4 and 6-4. Use your world energy on these levels for the moment.

What’s your need is food for your heroes and iron to upgrade your stronghold. Nothing more nothing less. Beating 14-7 should not be your priority.

If i well understand you level troops, just don’t, troops cost a lot to upgrade and the barrack take a lot of iron. Until stronghold 20 your priorities should be stronghold > iron storage > mills > mines.

All other building can stay at level 5, just upgrade your food storage to à limit where you can level up the last evolution of a 4 star when available.

Keep your training camp at level 5, level 1 and 2 are usefull for training, level 4 to park your recruts.

During these time just farm to fullfil 2 monster chest and one heroe chest per day, it will allow some color chest every 2 weeks.

Could I suggest stacking strong coloured heros against the boss. So 3xpuple, yellow & blue. I don’t have fully ascended heros with my alt account and breezing through season 1 stacking heros…level 19 now.

Good luck @SpaceViking1971

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Some said it before here, but that truly is golden rule. Whenever you hit a brick wall, just turn back and farm lower provinces for all your world energy, until you bring up some of your heroes or get better ones for the job. If your current brick wall is 14 -7, which is a most common level with nothing special about it, it means you’ll be having the same problem with 14 - 8, 14 - 9 and so on. Levels become harder and harder, so you’ll just struggle without gaining anything. As a few other said before, just turn back and farm lower levels until you bring up your team to a decent level. You’ll know when that is, because then you’ll just swipe through 14 -7 like it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Just remember to always farm all your available world energy. That’s one of the most important aspects of this game.

Well, you’re not alone :grinning:. This would make an entertaining read four you, if you got the time :wink:.

I got an Epic Hero token from the latest “Mystic Vision” and drew a Scarlett. Looks like a keeper. :slight_smile: Lvl 40 for first ascend? Yikes. How high will she need leveled before putting her in the team in place of Jahangir?

Or I could replace him with a sufficiently leveled Hawkmoon and Sha Ji with Gan Ju. Just takes time to collect and train and level. I do have one reset so I can get all the emblems back from Sha Ji. I needed healer power and the only healers it would give me (until Hawkmoon) were several Sharan and a Sha Ji here and there.

With what I have, farming anything up to 11 is a cakewalk. 12 can give me some trouble. 13 I still get beat some of the time. I do have 6 loot tickets.

So I’ll keep farming, keep leveling up. Keep trying for stronger heroes - until I can knock level 14-7 flat.

So sorry to ask this on your post but how do i make a post of my own please? I can’t find the option anywhere i can only view and reply to others

Firstly, welcome to the forum. All new users have to spend a little time reading through posts, adding responses etc. Takes about 15 mins and then you’ll be able to create your own posts.

Can I suggest using the search function before posting. (magnifying glass top right hand corner) There is a lot of expertise and information on the forum, if you know where to look.



dont use loot tickets yet! It’s not worth it at this stage! Just farm it’s a pita but also gives you a chance to try different heros with each other! Who works well with who! Enjoy!

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