What do I do with food and iron long term?

Hey everyone,

since today I have all buildings maxed out and I cannot spend the ressources as fast as they keep coming back in.

How do you guys have setup your economy? 4 TCs running 24/7? If so, which ones?

I have a problem with producing items, as I never have enough ingredients, but way too much food/iron…

I have the same issue and no solution so far. I run two TC20 and two TC11. From time to time I switch TC11 to TC19 when I collected enough ragged cloths. But still amount of food and iron is more than I can consume.

How are your AW rosters? I been playing forever it seems and im still leveling heroes and troops for AW. Should NEVER be full on food or your not doing something right imho. Iron is a different story, i burn it when i can making consumables but yes…its almost always max.

My food stocks up until I get enough troops for fodder. When I use them up, it takes me a while to fill up my food stores again. Iron on the other hand stays maxed out for days while I’m trying to get ingredients for tornadoes and time stops.

Something is coming that’ll use up more food and iron, but it’s hard to say how much.

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If you have an unlimited source of low level troops and feeder heroes, then - yes. Otherwise you have periods when you receive a moderated amount of 1-2* heroes and feeding them doesn’t take much food.

I must ask, what are you killing for titans and how many heroes can you field for AW that are 4* and 5*? I know i can’t keep up with my food hardly ever as im always leveling a hero/troop or making consumables.

Does it really matter? Regardless of number of heroes I have already maxed I have a rainbow set of 4* heroes I’m maxing currently and 2 5* heroes in a final ascension but not yet at 80 level.
But as I said: amount of ragged cloths is limited and so an amount of recruits. If you don’t ascend 4* to a final level you need very little food to feed 10-20 2* heroes to 4* or 5*. It is definitely less than farms of a 20th level and a watch tower produce.

I also craft battle items as soon as I collect materials. But I’m constantly short of oil, nuggets and fine still, so I can’t spend too much food on this. Small potions can be produced in hundreds without spending lots of food too.

I’m near max village. Run one TC20 and three TC11 with one flexing to TC19 and TC2 part of the time. I need feeders much more than a 2nd camp running TC20. I can’t consume the food that I grow but don’t max out on iron yet. Between 2 builders and 4* battle items, iron doesn’t run out but doesn’t max out. Can’t get enough feeder heroes or troops to consume. Super mana is made when I have enough roots. One can only need so many miracle scrolls, unless you guys have multiple ways of using them.

Well here is ALL that im working with, it serms to never end with what i can do next. Always something to do.

Well, if you manage to have 9K ragged cloths and you run TC19 regularly, than hat off, your farming is much more producting than mine. All the same about other supplies.

It doesn’t really matter how manu unascended heroes you have. At any point in time you can work on maximum 5 of them, separating production of TC11 or 19 (or any other) by a color.

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I keep 3 TC11s running all the time, and the last camp switches between 11, 2, and 19 as I get backpacks and rugged clothes plus the food to use them. TC19 can easily burn 3 million food if you’re full. Troops can also use a lot of food if you keep them leveled. Lastly crafting can consume vast amounts of food and iron. I always craft tornados when I get the nuggets, and axe/bomb/dragon attacks plus all variants of mana pots for events.


Im not big on TC19 as others are, i find 1* feeders lacking. When i level a hero, i want them done in 10 days or less and once you get a 5* so far those 1* feeders are literally wasting your food.

Do you use TC2 then? Or what is your approach?

Specialized colors…and 2 TC 11 at the start till into the final 2 ascension stages then specialized.

Two TC11 produce 24 heroes daily. 4* hero at 4th ascension needs 3K foor per hero 5* hero at 4/77 needs 12600 food per a feeder. Let’s take the maximum 12600 * 24 = 302400. If we add some heroes that comes from farming it can be 35 heroes a day, which gives us 441K food a day. And most likely you won’t reach a next ascension. 8 Farms 20 produce 5300 food per hour. 8 * 5300 * 24= 1 017 600 and this twice more than all the daily ascension.
Something is definitely missed here.

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I showed you my SS, you seen my food. Whats missing is someone who hasn’t been playing long and is lacking decent to good heroes to level and or ascension items. Here…ill make it simple for you and show you a 4* troop being leveled if you wanna see food poofing in the blink of a eye.

Boom…From 1.4 million food to 200k and some change…in seconds. Happy now? I did mention up ^^ their food don’t go far for me cause their is ALWAYS something to put it towards. This has everything to do with time played and nothing else. You will get their grasshopper, be patient and you will soon never have enough food to do it all. I figured you were doing something wrong hence my comment but it all makes sense now cause alot of the newer folks have 2 builders and almost all long time vets did it all with one builder thus we were able to amass more fortune on the way to all buildings being maxxed. Hope that all makes sense now. :smiley:

Great. The key point is how long will it take now to collect next 10 troops to burn next 1M food. For me it takes more than I need to refill food store. And all the same about Forge ingredients: for me they come slower than food required for crafting. So the difference it:
For you a bottle neck is food, for me and some other players who posted ere - other components.

And that’s why I’m curious where do you get those troops and items in proper quantities?

I dunno any other way to explain it to you. I could burn ALL my resources for the next 3-5 days leveling just troops…so 3-5 days later i will have enough fodder to now level up a hero a good chunck and depending where said hero is at it might take a day or 2 of resource…so now were in over a week without using resource on consumable so i burn another day or 2 making consumables…rinse and repeat. I probably been playing at least a year longer then you and you wonder how i can always be burning up my food so quick…well you do the math.

Hope it makes sense to you now, if not your a lost cause far as im concerned on making the explanation any more clear. TIME PLAYED! :grimacing:

I play 16-9 like its going out of style…with a smidge of 8-7 when i need some training fodder for the camps. I use my “auto win” tickets on 23-11 only for the xp and it has a good tendency to give alot of high level fodder and hero leveling fodder. Been playing that way for ■■■■ near a year far as map spots go. Your dilemma is you leveled with 2 builders thus out leveling what you can do in hero/troop fodder and you are in the endless rut of playing catch up in leveling materials and i didn’t get that curse of a 2nd builder chaining me down with all the buildings maxxed and now no materials to keep up with my mines.

Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile: I think that end of the day the difference is in farming productivity. And thus for you food is a bottle neck, while for me it is still in crafting materials and troop fodders.
May be I need to review my farming places, or RNG doesn’t favor me.


I just put down 55 - TC19, and it only took this much food. I build from the Forge daily, make heroes daily, eat baby Troops daily. I still have too much food.

Playing catch-up I guess! :slight_smile:


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