What do developers believe in?

Are the developers believers ?

We can assume that a Muslim or Jewish developer would never decide to feed the heroes with ham …

So, they are not Jews or Muslims.

They are not Catholic either. The problem is that a Catholic would never make such a profit on a game. Remember the merchants of the temple …

They can be agnostics or atheists but some clues are also present: some titans are called “lord demon” for example, the heroes can resurrect and moreover there is a portal …

A portal to where, by the way?

Have you ever wondered where all these heroes came from?

So, they still believe in something, and we too otherwise we would not spend our gems, praying each time for a 5 *…

For the moment i still hesitate between Hindu and Animist. That would explain that some heroes are animals or even trees…

To be continued…


Dont think anyone cares what religion they are. We care more about how they handle the game.


This is 3rd degre man. Lol


No matter what religion they are, they’re obviously patient & truly believe in an open forum or else they wouldn’t have left your semi-insulting comment up.



I might be a tad long winded here, so please bear with me:

Have you ever played an RPG that uses the “race” Orc? How many RPG’s use that term?

You can track it back to D&D and make some assumptions about the belief systems of those who created “Orc”…

…until you realize the actual originator was JRR Tolkien, and that his creation was copied by those who perhaps didn’t share his beliefs. :wink:

“Titans” comes from Greek mythology

“Heroes” from the same (heroes as we understand them)

Magic (skills) from any number of cultures

Ham / Iron from several ages of men, scattered across the globe.

Since Storytellers borrow the elements of their Story from a wide range of sources and weave it all together into one whole cloth, it is hard to make judgement calls against the creators for the things they create. (If I write a story about witches, does that make me a witch?)

Not sure what you intended, OP. I await your next post.


I truly understand now the comment above : never try to make a tentative of humour on religion…
I obviously never intended to insult anyone here.
Sorry for that
Let’s forget it…

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It really ■■■■ me off that some arguments are taboo and others not.
We are allowed to do only knock knock jokes?

C’mon guys, smile.


Don’t be dramatic. The post wasn’t in any way insulting. Quite frankly - I don’t even think it was a serious question/consideration.

Talking religion isn’t a taboo. The OP wasn’t criticizing any religion anyway (nor was he provoking an actual discussion regarding religion), it was just some random thought that passed through their head. Looking for possible influences/contradictions of religions in regard to elements present in the game.


You didnt insult me! I understand now that you were just being humorous. I think at first your post does not come across that way, though, and perhaps thats why some of us felt the need to defend the developers.

No worries, I think you’re follow up comment clarified things. :grin:


Nope, only knock knock jokes! :grin::grin:

Usually when I encounter religious comments, they are not innocuous; they tend to be (un)intentionally minimizing or insulting.

I apologize that I reacted on autopilot.

Btw, you left out the whole culture of dragons…go on! :wink:

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I could care less what religion they are why would it matter? Like the founding fathers use to say mind your business. What people believe is there choice and they dont have to say. Why do people ask personal stuff when they dont know them?

OP was apparently joking. We’re waiting for the next one. :wink:

Oh ok was not sure seen alot of ppl ask personal questions and it is not right. But ok cool.

Eh, let people ask! It’ll be boring if everyone will be afraid of asking innocent questions in fear of it being wrong. As long as it’s with no ill intent and just normal curiosity, what’s the harm? :slight_smile: Nobody has to answer questions they don’t want to answer.

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Knock knock…
Who’s there?
Luke who?
Luke through the peephole and find out.


My boss is always telling me not to dress for the job I have but for the job I want…so today I dressed as Batman.


Perhaps it is best to stick to Mythological Analogies…??
:rofl: NO ONE to offend, because they’re all dead (In a Mythological sense!)

Just trying to lighten the mood guys!! :blush::rofl::laughing:

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