What defense should I have


Wondering what my best defense currently is, and what I should work towards with my current unlevelled heroes.

Current defense

Rest of roster

My thinking is I might concentrate on levelling Sif next to replace Onatel, then I can remove Onatel emblems and give them to Sartana. I’m crying out for a better Nature hero and Tank for that matter, but this is all I have now!

Cheers for any advice :slight_smile:

Would be interesting to see Hatter - Zimkitha - Ariel - Sif - Sartana…maybe a little bit too defensive but the huge manaboosts with healing, cleansing, stealing buffs looks interesting.

What you have is ok but you have some conflicts with emblems too.

I’d say Fenrir would be much better than Ariel to put on wing. Save for resurrectors, healers on the wing usually never fire when it matters most.

Next your conflicts. You have wizard (Onatel and Sartana) and Druid (Zim and Groot).

I’d swap Thoth for Sartana, and G. Kong for Zim:

Thoth | G. Kong | cHorgh | Onatel | Fenrir

^ That’s what I would go with.

I’ve lost my fair share against costumed Groot tanking tbh.

You could do a lot worse than him.

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Zim Hatter Onatel Sartana Fenrir

What he ( @DaveCozy ) said… and…

Take out Ariel, def use G.Kong. I can’t comment on Horgy, never leveled him.

Fen makes a great wing.

I wouldn’t replace Onatel with Sif, as an attacker I’m more worried about Onatel.

Thoth instead of Sartana? Probably yes! Sadly no Thoth experience here…

Pair complimentary colours, but you’re already doing that :wink:

Haha, the pairing of complimentary colours is purely by chance! I put them in their best spots according to the graphic which says where they are best placed.

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