What currency are you guys selling these deals on?

Daaaaamn. Deal was $4 for VIP, $10 for the winter fun deal with monk emblems so HOW did it cost $36???

@Petri seriously why did I think I was spending $14 and it came to $36???

you need to contact support.


So I went and did that and I know the problem now but it still doesn’t make sense. It’s trying to charge me twice for previous purchases but the weird part is that it’s lumping those purchases into these purchases, rather than trying to scam me individually. Support ticket submitted.

Perhaps it’s just a hold on your card and it will clear out in a couple days for the duplicate purchases?

The funds always go on hold, it’s a pending transfer. The money is like in the middle between me and SG, in escrow. The money never returns to my account, they always get the payment. And then it wants me to pay it again. Not the first time this has happened.

Sounds like you need to start buying itunes or google play cards.



You can read more here:


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Stop spending… Boom problem solved!
Easiest most effective way to solve it!

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I did not mark the staff response as a solution. I’m still being charged twice for things. It’s charging me for purchases I already completed last month.

Welcome to the world of Zynga!

Uhhh… Sure…

Was the same price LONG before Zynga came along :stuck_out_tongue:

How long you been playing?

I’ve been playing for over 1.5 years.

I was playing since before Zynga bought SGG and I can tell you with 100% assurance that the price is the same…

Not true. 10x was 2600 gems and is now you save 400 from 3000 it would normally cost. Also Atlantis is more at 350 per pull but always has been and you get discounts there as well on 10x.
Odds are unchanged and since people get 5s I call BS. I got my only hotm this month despite near 2 year’s playing. I did get aegir in my alt back when he first came out under sg.
To be honest my pulls have gotten better since Zynga as I now have event heroes as well. Tc20 is great and the 30x collections I do monthly (or more if I wait longer running 3) give me over the 5% rate most agree is the close appx.
When you state bold claims you need data. I’m a scientist so I hate when people make claims like you’re making. I’m not defending sg as they need improvements but when they’re not wrong I do point it out

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I started Feb 2018. A single pull was 300 gems, a 10-pull was 2600 (10 for the price of 8.667). Let me check what they are today …

Oh look, the same.

200 gems would have cost me 1.39 if I’d bought any back then. Today they cost me – 1.39 (CAD). Yes I always pay a premium here. 1.39 CAD today is 1.07 USD (not 0.99).

Zynga’s only noticeable change for me was the TOS agreement.

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What the two above me have said…

I’m afraid you’re on your own with this conspiracy theory… And unfortunately it’s been well and truely debunked… Better luck next time.


It’s under dog! I can deal.

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