What could top the Salmon Loki war?

We are trying to decide a theme for next E&P Fun War. We’ve come up with a few themes and wanted to gauge the community’s response. Please vote!

  • 1* heroes (offense and defense)
  • GTV (Gravemaker, Telluria, Vela)
  • Guinevere tanks
  • CHAOS formation
  • Guardian Chameleon
  • Heroes with mustaches on defense

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Chaos formation: Heroes whose name begins with each letter of his name (i.e.Chameleon, Hel, Alfrike, Ogima, Salmon Loki)

Vote and tell us what you’d like to see. Suggestions welcome in comments.


The Chaos formation was not my idea.

I like the 1* war for several reasons:

Virtually zero cost, anyone can max 30 1*s over a weekend with a pile of swords and a little ham.

Great tile play is rewarded (troops will play a part, but at the scale of 1*stats, it’s not nearly as significant)

This would include double the participants at 60

The one difficulty will be match making to ensure the 2 alliances meet. But it’s been done before and, to be quite honest, we’d be pulling help in coordinating it from some of the best at gaming the system. No guarantee, but the risk vrs the reward of an epic war is worth it, in my opinion.

Anyway, that’s my pitch.


I changed my mind… mustaches for the win. I want a lil mustache next to my fish


These are all great you have too do them all!


Mustaches on defense


Try to give another despised hero as a tank such as infamous klaern


I wouldnt even max Klaern :joy:


We are silly but not crazy. I need my scopes :rofl:


I voted for mustache & GTV war.
But if you’ll do Mustache war then will you use women too or not :sweat_smile:

Reminds me of the Gilligan tank conversation…short as it was.

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wait, who are the “mustache” heroes again?

I think its easier for everyone to have CHAOS line up:
C: Costumed + all heroes you name it
H: Hero of the month
A: Atlantis heroes
O: Other heroes (non Costumed, non HOTM, non Atlantis, non Seasonal)
S: Seasonal event Heroes

O would have to be original (meaning S1)


My suggestion if 1star war doesn´t win: 3 or 4star war! It´s hard to enforce of course, but so is 1star, so no difference there.

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That can works :star_struck: thank you

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Animal only war, no human character allowed on d :fox_face:

Lots of stuff coming to my mind, class war for example only druids on d, formation war with different formation instead of always standard…


how about an all-vanilla hero war? :slight_smile: only S1 in base form (costume bonus is OK)

I love all the ideas though! any would be hilariously awesome!


Just a moustache is crazy hard…think I just have D’Andre and Emilio that tick the box.

Moustache + Beard….that opens it right up :laughing:

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I do wonder how GTV would do today

I think there is a thread called silly defense that can become a guide of reference… forgot where the link is


I think it’s this one: