What constitutes a turn?

This might be really obvious but its eluding me. Despite playing for several years I don’t actually know what constitutes a turn. Fight starts, I go first and make matches but when does my turn end and the opponents start?

A turn is done when the attacker makes a tile move, regardless of whatever options he/she has made prior to such tile moving such as use of skills or battle items.

For defense, the turn ends when the last defending hero (from left to right) has made its slash or regular attack. Prior to that, they may cast their skills or have their minions hit. Bear in mind, you will know that a defending hero is going to make its slash attack when the little sword icon on their character is burning red after a certain number of moves. If their manas are filled, they will use tha (except the ninja heroes which they have their own AI RNG). Defending heroes’ skills are fired from left to right if the manas are filled. Subsequent to the skills are their slash attacks if they are already due.


Every match you make is a turn.

Turn 1: you make a match. Enemy goes.

Turn 2: rinse and repeat.

You can use items and specials during your turn.

Effects wear off at the start of a turn, not the end (for each team).

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It’s also worth noting that turns are allowed to conclude after a timer expires as long as an attack has been triggered.

It’s often the case that a titans special animation goes off after the time finishes, which feels like a real low blow, but the sequence was started before the time expired.


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