What Constitues a Change in Titan Difficulty?

My alliance is currently sitting comfortably on 7* titans. We are at a point where we don’t need to skip any until we are bumped up to an 8*.

However, twice in the past month or so we have dropped down to a 6* after beating two or three 7* and then being unable to beat the rare 7* that’s has appeared next. It’s a complete waste of time for us to be against a 6* because we beat it so quickly and then we have to sit there for 12hrs waiting for the next titan to spawn (usually at least two more 6* before being bumped back up to 7*)

My alliance and I may have been seriously unlucky but we have had this happen a couple of times now. It seems that our loss to a titan automatically knocks us down a level. Does anyone actually have any idea how the promotion/relegation system works for titans or has anyone experienced the same problem?

Afaik if you lose against a 7 star you’ll be dropped to a 6 star. If you beat 3 (?) consecutive 7’s you’ll get an 8 next. At least that seems to be how it works in my alliance. The level of the titans the spawn initially is based on alliance score I believe.

That’s not really clear, it seems.
Recently i were in the exact opposite situation.

A streak of 8* titans, something like 5 in a row.
The fifth was called to let it go, only to find ourself again with a 8*, and apparently on another streak (that’s the third).

I honestly don’t bother, as my goal is to relax and use few to none items and spare it for other pursues, but it is indeed strange, especially the 5 same star in a row.

Yeah surely there would be some sort of formula though. Any other players found any issues?