What competition do you like the most of all in Empire & Puzzles

  • Playing Tower
  • Mythic titan battle
  • Aliance quest or regular quests
  • Battle of the three kingdoms
  • New Beta quests

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I also like winning in quest to get a 5*, the hardest of them all

Seems options are a bit limited. Alliance wars, weekly tournaments, and Monster Island should be options too, I think.

Also… how many players here are going to evaluate the new beta quests? :thinking:


Simple war & tournament pvp are simple options… Proven and quite popular … it is most often that they leave the alliance due to reasons in the war of the alliance. Tournaments (against players and putting up defense of your team) is a kind of the same alliance wars but in a different individual format … but the principle is the same … as a result, everyone likes the War and the tournament :muscle:

Too generic for me to vote, I like Styx tower the most, but not ninja/magic due to their poor flag design.

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I meant those quests (not exactly, but yes, Musketeers, Treasure Island) are new ones that are sent to all players for verification and are called as a general Beta

I really like monster island, but despised musketeers.

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I can’t choose any! I don’t like those. I only do Challenge Events (for completion rewards) and non Competitive Quests.

No option for “None of the Above” or at least “I don’t compete”.


Honestly, if it’s in the main game (despite labeling) I wouldn’t consider it to be beta. For a start it would further devalue actual beta players’ participation in that stage of the game (despite their input seemingly going ignored on many a subject).

I do still feel your categorisation is too restrictive. Monster Island and Musketeers are significantly different to each other. Arguably there’s less difference between Three Kingdoms and Alliance war; and Mythic Titan and normal Alliance titans.



Getting the emblem stacks and handful of coins from Challenge events, sure. Blowing a lot of time, energy, resources to wind up still with a 5-digit ranking and the resulting un-prize? Meh.

Trying to finish Normal on Tower events, maybe a handful of Impossible levels to accrue more emblems? Fine, depending how much time I have, but continuing into levels where my heroes get blown out and/or it takes 15+ minutes to beat a stage? Nah.

Treating tournaments as anything other than “I generally get to fill my raid chest a little faster than usual on Monday and Tuesday”? Eh.

For me, a better question might be “what events are just honestly not worth doing at all really?” because AQ and W3K both feel pretty close to that, for me.


My least favorite (by far) is the Mythic Titan. I do a single attack for top 5% and stop.

I lack many of the top Titan heroes and that event is so tedious and resource heavy that I have no interest in playing it.

Mythic Titans
Pros - It is the least time consuming. It is good for alliances that easily chain 14* titans for players to get big hits without having to worry about holding back.
Cons - If you are in a more competitive alliance there is pressure to spend $10 on the offer every time to get the items needed for the big score.

Pros - The rewards are probably better than most with the amount of emblems you accumulate in the process of completing.
Cons - It is the most time consuming. Also needing to use gems on most for completing.

Challenge Events
Pros - Some players seem to enjoy the competitive aspect of these.
Cons - Rewards from most tiers are really bad considering the amount time, items and WE needed to complete.

Pros - Same competitiveness as individual events for those who like challenge events. Encourages alliance members to engage with each other
Cons - Can cause problems with alliances when all members can’t/don’t want to put in the same effort. Reward tier breakdown is pretty bad. Those who complete near the bottom of top 100 alliance put a lot of effort in. Finishing in 101 alliance gets you the same rewards as 1000 ranked alliance. For individual there really isn’t much difference between top 1000 and to 10000 rewards.

Pros - Good for players with deep rosters to use more of their heroes. Less pressure than regular War.
Cons - Rewards are only good if you’re in one of the top war bands. Warband placement is solely based on how strong your roster is($$$). Once you are placed you have almost no control on how you place other than individual ranking(and as far as I can tell the only difference here as many be an extra 30 coins for placing near the top). Outside of the top war bands it is a total cluster#@$!. The point system needs to be updated, and something in place to allow you to clean before someone poaches it. Unused flags are a big problem.

Monster Island
Pro - it is change of pace and refreshing to have something totally different the the usual events.
Cons - Once top 100 alliances have it figured out everyone can achieve the approximate same top score. There is a max number of hoardes that can be killed and it shouldn’t be long for most top alliances to have a strategy to do it. The only difference is basically rounding errors in the titan monster hits. There is not enough to do so by the last day you have about 10 people at a time sitting around waiting for 1 hoard to respawn.


Tedious depends on the point of view.
Rescource heavy depends on you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is one more Pro. It’s the only monthly event with tier/ranking-based rewards where the loot is 100% not random. So you know going in what exactly your effort in time and resources is going to get you.


I like challenge events. Other events I play to spend time and for rewards only. Wars and tournaments are also ok and titans are kinda fun

Non-random loot is a good point and worth noting!

It is, however, arguably also worth noting that this is knowing exactly what your result will get you, not quite the same thing as knowing what your effort will get you – by which I mean, if you are playing competitively, there’s no guarantee that X amount of effort will keep you (for instance) in the top 1000 scores as a result. Any competition will require some degree of follow-up observation and potentially defending one’s ranking, which is a layer of effort beyond “finish this event” or even “score XXXXX points.”

Still, at least one can make the personal calculation of “how much time/effort/resources is it worth for me to finish, e.g., #874 in Legendary instead of #8740 in Legendary and thus get… an additional three EHTs?” (versus, saying, asking “and thus get… an additional 10% chance of a random max-sized aether?”)

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