What colours should be used against even purple and yellow or blue, green and red opponents?


No, wait, yellow!
No, wait, blue, green and/or red!

Is there any particular colour advantage against even purple any yellow or split blue, green and red opponents?

If you face mobs like that, it’s best to go for a strong neutral color, which will inflict normal damage to both.

There are exceptions of course, depending on your available heroes and strongest monoteam composition.

On this particular floor I used monoblue stack with Elemental defense down hero - Nordri - regular defense down - Grimm - regular attack+defense up + heal - Kiril, and the other two are also blue shooters (Sonya and Magni).

You can also go for Red or Green stack.


To add to what @Saros has also said you can also decide who is the threat and stack against that one to get rid of it quickly knowing the other will take longer.


while mobs are easy to counter it is better to bring strong mono color against the boss u afraid the most.

example if u afraid more of purple boss, just bring mono yellow.

once one boss killed, it will be easier to kill the other boss using special skills


I’ve tried different strategies over towers. Back when ninja tower was 50 floors, I would use dark against these teams because dark was the least used color otherwise (heavy on me using green and Holy).

So it was more roster management than damage optimization.

Remember special skills still so normal damage so you can use specials on the dark enemies and then more easily wipe out strong enemies.

I’ve also used mono blue as that was my best team (Kiril frida Isarnia jott vela). I’ve also used a yurple team.


all good advice above,

personally I bring a neutral color with good synergy and necessary skills. for this one I would consider bringing Blue (with C-Frank) for Anastasia’s minions and Sonya to dispel Agrafena’s buffs, for example. the rest would likely be Kiril to heal, Isarnia for a long-lasting defense down , and Lepus for damage.


I usually look to counter the boss which will cause me the most problems. That might mean stacking a strong color against a specific boss, or building heroes that can counter them, regardless of what color those heroes are.

If you’re aiming to be competitive and complete stages as quickly as possible, usually that comes down to items and specials against the bosses. In that case, I would stack whichever color has the most competitive ability to wipe the bosses. For me, that’s usually blue or red but will depend on your personal roster.

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I’m abusing the mana creators this time. I haven’t gotten that many mana buffs, but with Xnolphod / Brynhild / Faline / Khagan / Glenda, I only have to make a couple of matches to recharge someone, and they usually recharge the rest. Presumably it only gets easier with a couple more mana buffs. (I have Lancelot as “insurance” to keep this going a bit longer.) But I’ve basically stopped looking at the colors of the mobs/bosses as of level 21 or so.