What colors dominate

yellow and purple are normal against each other. not strongher


No. Purple against yellow is strong. Purple against purple is weak. And vice versa


go play the map. once you are in battle, you will see a diagram on the upper left corner, it will tell you what is strong/weak against what

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Just to reiterate what lexinan said:

There are three ways colors come into play.
Strong: is double damage.
Weak: is half damage.
Normal: is regular damage.

Red is strong vs Green
Green is strong vs Blue
Blue is strong vs Red
Going the opposite direction means an attack is weaker than normal, so…
Red vs Blue is weak
Blue vs Green is weak
Green vs Red is weak

Yellow and Purple are different. They interact with with Red/Blue/Green as normal damage but are strong against each other.
So Yellow is strong vs Purple
And Purple is strong vs Yellow.
But Yellow is weak vs Yellow.
Purple is weak vs purple.

Any other color combination is normal.
Here’s the chart everyone is referring to. You’ll find it in the top left of a battle for reference.

Sometimes it’s good to revisit the basics so you have yourself informed and can inform your alliance mates with good information.
I’d suggest checking this out for lots of other little information that is useful along your journey.

Good luck
Syndicate of War


Thats what those 3 colored dots are? Man im a level 35 and have asked people. I kept getting run around so i quit asking. Thank u


If there’s ever any other jargon that leaves you scratching your head, check the fictionary



Dude, just follow this rule! According to my experiences in this game, PURPLE (DARK) is mist powerful color. It’s mass destruction weapon, if you know how to use it! It kicks ■■■ of all colors… Try it.

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I found the green vs red vs blue vs green circle is best remembered by assigning the colors a season: green is spring, red is summer and blue is winger. Summer takes out spring while winter takes out summer and spring takes out winter.

We all know the seasons.


As @Kikyo said … I was wrong.

Yellow on yellow is weak. Purple on purple is also weak.


I just read a post where he priced out that he tripled his points by putting 2 reds against blue. Proved it out on province 8/7

I thought red hits green, green hits blue and blue hits red, so I got it all wrong?

This is correct, and I think is what @Bud was saying too, just using a different way of remembering it:

Reframing how @Bud put it:

Red (summer) is strong against Green (spring).

Green (spring) is strong against Blue (winter).

Blue (winter) is strong against Red (summer).

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I have lots of purple not lvld, was under the believe strongest team colors are red, blue and then green. yellow and purple are week against red,blue and green since purple and yellow are only strong against each other, pls enlighten me!

This isn’t quite accurate.

Yellow and purple aren’t weak against red, blue, and green, they’re normal, i.e. neither strong nor weak, just neutral.

The post in this thread up above from @2Spookd had a nice explanation of all of the combinations:

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Thanks for clarifying the color circle. I started playing at Xmas time, so I imagined a Xmas tree with Red star at the top, so the red star hits green tree, green tree hits blue ornaments on the tree, then bottom blue goes back to red star… just a hint if it helps anyone imagine the circle of color power.

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Atuly, pls tell me how you use purple, my roster is full of purple and I’m hardly using it. For example, I have 2 Balthazar, 2 Tiburtus, Sabina, among several others.

Purple is strong against yellow, and normal against red, blue, and green. It’s only weak against other purple. That makes it well suited for all uses except against purple.

There are a fair number of strong purple heroes, including those you mentioned — Balthazar (one of the best 3*), Tiburtus (an excellent and sturdy hero, with the benefit of a defense debuff which is hugely helpful for titans in particular), and Sabina (a good healer and dispeller who also has a high attack stat).


Thanks so much! Goes to show, you gotta know your heroes, I’m just starting to get the hang of it all.

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You can’t really compare a hero based on color alone. Sabina and Kelile have very different uses, depending on your others heroes.

I suggest creating a new thread in #gameplay-help-tactics with screenshots of your whole roster to get input on which heroes to prioritize. :slight_smile:


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