What color is riposte?

What color is the damage of riposte?

Ex.: Colen attacks Boril

Is Colen hit with red/fire, because his damage is reflected? Or is it blue/ice, same as Boril (and hence much stronger)? I did a search and didn’t see the answer here, but maybe I missed it. Thanks!

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I believe it is raw damage, no colour associations


OK, that makes sense. It would likely be red vs. yellow/blue/green, and each taking and reflecting a separate amount of damage (based on color, armor, status effects, etc.) times a flat 115%. Thanks.

It’s x% percent of the damage received. There is not any color association or strong/weak to consider.

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Except when the hero with riposte dies. Then the riposte is 100%, even if the status was for 115%. And yea, it’s a bug.

Riposte does have a color component, but it’s in the opposite direction from that suggested by the OP. If you drop green tiles on Boril, they do more damage and so hurt your green heroes more than, say, dropping red tiles on Boril. Likewise, casting Zeline’s Emerald Flash (which is extra effective against Ice) against is going to hurt Boril badly, but hurt Zeline even more.

Riposte is fun to bring in wars against teams with lots of area- or nearby-hitters. I’ve won more than a few battles when a Justice or Zeline skewered herself on Boril’s riposte. Not that Boril lived, but he did his job. Riposte on raid defense, though, only works until you start facing players who can intelligently deploy debuffs.


That’s not the riposte, that’s normal gameplay rules.


So if I understand this correctly, green tiles hitting Boril will reflect as though from Boril, which is a blue source, and reflected back at 115% of damage taken ?
Also how does this extend to the two adjacent heroes that get riposte from Boril or Cyprian? So if Boril activates riposte and his adjacent allies, Vivica and Boldtusk are attacked, is the reflected damage from Boril and therefore blue, or is it yellow or red (depending who is hit)?

First, riposte doesn’t reflect (in the sense it elemental barrier does in challenge events); Boril takes damage and then counterattacks with 115% of the damage dealt.

That’s also the rule for side heroes – they attack with 115% of the damage dealt. So a yellow tile hitting Boril may do 40 damage and results in 46 damage against the yellow hero. If a yellow tile hits Vivica and does 20 damage, she kicks back 23 damage to the yellow hero.


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