What color flanks for blue tanks

I need help matching the right color flanks to my blue tank. And also, how the colors go together with the other color tanks

As a general rule, one of the flank should be the weaker element against the tank, i.e. a yellow tank flanked by a (or 2) purple hero, or a purple tank flanked by either a (or 2) yellow hero, or a green tank flanked by a (or 2) blue hero, or a red tank flanked by a (or 2) green hero. The rationale behind this is for the flank to receive weak damage since the raider is forced to stack the stronger color against your tank, i.e. red tank flanked by a green: enemy raider will be bringing their blue stack against your green tank, but their blues are weak against the flanking greens thus the greens MAY receive tiles from the enemy’s blue stack but only gets minimal damage but their mana are filled up quick.

So, to your question, a blue tank is best flanked by a red. Double red flanking would be alright but one of them has a low level troop supporting that hero and it encourages the enemy to bring a blue stack since they deal neutral damage to your tank but deals stronger damage against the flanking reds. Same element flanking is ideal only on yellow and purple tanks but only if the troops supporting the flanks are both highly leveled.

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Thank you Ultra! I kinda knew that but wasn’t 100% sure. I will advise the rest of the group

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