What changes were made to hatter. The one I have is 365damage

Under the ‘Mad as a Hatter’ skill is a fraction; in this case 1/8

As you level up the hero through feeding cards, that skill will increase randomly. You can increase these odds by feeding matching (green) heroes and/or stronger stared heroes; but it’s not usually necessary with 5*s — they max well before you reach the cap.

When you get to 8/8 the description will change to match the example card, which is fully leveled.

When you fully finish feeding heroes and items to the card — you’ll have four yellow stripes and 80 levels.

Matching the completed card — specifically the attack, shield and health; which are help increase overall strength.

Nice hero, congrats —


You gotta lvl him up first, homie. It’s still 1/8

So the writing on the card is different. When lvled the writing will change?? Hu

Correct. The writing on the card will change.

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