What category of player are you?

Money makes the world go round…


  1. Zero Spender: free 2 play - 0 €$
  2. Small Spender: cheap 2 play - 0,1-5 €$
  3. Medium Spender: addicted 2 play - 5-30 €$
  4. Big Spender: pay 2 win - 30,1-100 €$
  5. Huge Spender: win at any price - 100,1-500 €$
  6. Insane Spender: nothing 2 win anymore >500 €$

Where are you ???

I am around 30-35 € per month - Big spender category and more than addicted. My wife says i should get some advice from the doctor…

  • Cat 1:
  • Cat 2:
  • Cat 3:
  • Cat 4:
  • Cat 5:
  • Cat 6:

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It depends on the month. Last month was huge but this month im only doing VIP.

Same here @Lzm73 Rotated points 1 to 4 now back to 1-2 :smile:

Maybe you could add a poll to see the results :+1:

My budget is about $50/month, but I don’t consider myself a big spender :man_shrugging:


I will always be F2P, more of a challenge

you should make a poll too :slight_smile:

2 months of vip
Now im no #1 :smile:


Borderline big and huge spender :sweat_smile:

No Idea how to make a poll.

I’d say between 4 & 5 :roll_eyes:

More often 4 but for december, with the calendar… My banker keeps calling me everyday to insult me

Borderline medium to big spender - around £30 per month for my first 6 months. But likely to drop to small/medium as I now have TC20, and want to focus on levelling up what I have got. No more pulls for a while - just deals with guaranteed non-farmable items.

edit first post and see below

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1 month: huge spender (5)
2 months: medium spender (3)
16 months: F2P, zero spender (1)

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Probably 3, I usually can’t resist the epic offers etc

F2P … 14 months
C2P … 2 months
F2P … 3 months and going on…

Really depends on which month, which HotM and which deals come out. I’d probably average to category 4 with about €100 each month, last month was more than double but summer was much “lower”.

Good post to let everyone stop & think about how much they’re spending on a mobile game lol

16 months as a free to play and now I budget $100 CDN (Canadian) split between two tablets. I consider the game a hobby and I’ve always spent about this much on my hobbies.

So far, 9 months F2P, December I bought the Rudolph Gift and one of the cheap calendar offers so C2P (spent about $5-6 CAN). From now on back to F2P. On average that makes about $0.50/mo.

Maybe next December I’ll spend a bit more.

I Added a poll now !

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