What can I do?

Hi all, I’m intrigued to know if anyone else suffers similar issues. Been dedicatedly playing the game for a year and 3 months. Must have spent £0,000s in that time. I have a pretty strong roster of 40 5* heroes, and a strong team of 4* and 3*. The issue I have is that while I have 5 x 4* troops for every colour, I’ve never in all this time received a green 4*. Inconceivable considering the hundreds and hundreds of troop pulls. I’ve got to a lvl now where the lack of competitive troop on my maxed Telluria tank holds me back. So frustrating, I cant believe I’ve never pulled a single 4*. Feels like literally nothing I can do about it!

Well rng is a ***… you might consider your luck by upgrading HA to lvl 20 and retrain other 4 troop hoping for rng to be more friendly…
otherwise just by keep summoning troops in portal.


I didnt get a green 4* for a long time and didnt get the green mana until recently.
Crit is lvl 15
Mana is lvl 18
All my other troops are 21+
Le sigh.

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40 5* heroes in 15 months is really good. Maybe you used all of your luck.


Yup. Nature mana troop was my second to the last epic troop I have acquired a few months shy for playing 2 years on the game (my last epic troop absent from my inventory is the dark crit troop). I only rely on ETTs for my troops and I have my nature crit troop at levels 21 and 11 while my nature mana troop is at level 17. All my other mana troops are at level 23.

But if you have spent before, make a run on troop summoning portal using gems until you get that nature troop. Good luck, mate

Build up hero academy. One of the levels allows for a pull at a 4* if you trade another 4*. You are guaranteed to not get the same color back you traded.

Probably (and unfortunately) the best advice… RNG is real fickle indeed :unamused:

I recently did a 10-pull… nothing but 3* troops… nothing to do but wait and try again

Agreed. I have 17 5* heroes and been playing for almost 2 years :frowning:

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My gap is Blue mana. They don’t seem to appear on either account. I am told it will even out eventually :smile:

Hey. I’ve been playing a game for a year now, I haven’t pulled out another 5.
Suits and then 4 threes were given. Very disappointing

Привет. Уже как год играю в игру,не одной еще 5 не вытащила .
Костюмы и то 4 тройки дали. Очень обидно. :confused: :sob:

False. None 5.

Неправда.:cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face: Ни одной 5.

You all believe that f2p can get 40x5* in 3 months? What game are you all playing, in 3 months you can’t get TC20 up. Ridiculous discussion as somebody mentioned if you get 20-30x5* in year or two as f2p is normal rate or even above average.

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I got my first 4* critical troop after almost 2 years of playing E&P. RNG is RNG

I don’t believe that at all. Anyone who says they’re F2P and have 40x 5* heroes in their first 3 months is a straight up liar.

Yeah I said it!

OP didn’t claim to be F2P though. Or only playing for 3 months. :slightly_smiling_face:

15 months and thousands spent. In that case? Yes, it’s entirely possible to have 40 5* heroes.

Also entirely possible to have zero 4* troops in a certain color in spite of that time and money spent.

It’s funny how some people defend the gacha model… saying “that’s what keeps it fair, we all have an equal chance! Sometimes the big spenders get nothing for their money!”

So the nonspenders get nothing. The low spenders get virtually nothing. And sometimes the big spenders also get nothing.

But that’s what keeps it from being pay to win… the fact that everybody has a chance to get nothing, regardless of how much they spend.




No. He said:

So that’s 1.25 years.

I also interpret it as that the OP have spent thousands of pounds and got 40 legendary heroes. But he didn’t mentioned that he has maxed all of them. I like your meme.


I went a year and a half before I received my first green 4* troop. It was a mana troop luckily when I did finally land one though. It will come eventually.

:arrow_up: to add on to this… I’ve been playing for almost 2 years now, and just pulled my first 4* blue troop about a month or so ago.

Then just pulled a second one today. :laughing:

Meanwhile, my alt (which I created months after my main, and have spent $0 on, compared to $140 on main) has five 4* blue troops. :open_mouth:

RNG can be stupid like that. :man_shrugging:

I believe they said £0,000s certainly not F2P!!

I don’t see number before zeros so assumed he is f2p.

Either he fogot to add the number between £ and 0 or he is too fear his spouse will kill him if she found out the exact money spent in this game :rofl:

I believe he spend some good fortune and forgot to write the number, otherwise why would add too much 0, meanwhile using £0 is enough?

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