What can I do with Triops?

I have been getting a lot of troops in the Summons Gate. Most I don’t use. What can I do with them? Can I trade them? Give them away? Level them up, combine them? Feed them to the Titan?

Once you are at stronghold 10 and have a spare building that is at least level five, you can convert it to a barracks. The barracks allows you to use extra troops to level your equipped troops higher. Most people use a third craft forge or house but any building will work. Click on the building as if to upgrade and if you are able to do this at your level, there will be an orange arrow icon that says convert. You can change it back later with no penalty or loss of levels to either building.


Thank you SO much for that very helpful information!!!

You really gave me some valuable advice!! I appreciate it

Have a blessed day!!

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I bet you’ve received some good advice above for troops… but for “Triops”? Hey, I’d like to know what to do with those too… I’d like to know what they even are… :wink:

You can farm them, really. I did it as a child, and my daugter too.

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Gross little critters :stuck_out_tongue:

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