What can I change with team?


Hi guys! :wink:
I have this team:
Green - Caedmon 4*
Blue - Boril 4*
Red - Śmiały Kieł (don’t know how write it in english. He’s a 4* healer)
Purple - …
Yellow - Hu Tao 4*

As you see there are a few dots and it’s my problem. I have one question. Which hero should I put there with my team?
I have only all 3* purple heroes so which of them will be the best with others? Could you tell me too which hero 4* should I put there in the nearest future?
I’m waiting for you reply :wink:


At the moment you should use Balthazar, he is purple and the strongest 3* attacker. The other purple 3* heroes don’t fit in your team in my opinion.

Regarding a 4* hero you should go for Tiburtus. He can lower the defence of three enemies, which is quite useful. Rigard is also a great one to level up; he wouldn’t fit into your current team, but you will get other heroes to and then he could be great.


…is “Boldtusk” in English. Besides healing, he also boosts the attack of your entire team for 4 turns.


Boldtusk is amazing. He and jackal are the top 4s IMO.

Totally agree with Balthazar - you need another single target fast hitter.

You have a nice mix of specials here - heal+ attack buff, fast hitter + dispel, tank + reflector.


Why Jackal as a top 4*? I get he’s “very fast” and has one heck of an attack stat, but he’s pretty darn squishy and would force you to double up yellow to take full advantage of him with Wu Kong (assuming you’re luck enough to have Wu…).


I double Jackal up with Joon. He weakens the target, Joon administers the coup de grace.

I can kill ANY 5 star with that combo in just ONE shot.

And if I get a yellow jewel, I can fire them together multiple times. Raids are…fun.