What BS trophies

I was raided by someone and I won and got 19 trophies. That same person raided me again and this time they won and I lost 45 trophies, that ratio really does not seem fair

Trophies are won/lost based off the difference between your two amounts. If I have 2436 and you have 2879, if I won, I’d most likely get 54 trophies from you. If you retaliate and win, you’d probably see less than 20 returned to you. The bigger the gap the more trophies that will be won/lost, team power and tier have nothing to do with it.


As @King_Kyree77 says, if you lose to an opponent with a much lower trophy count* you lose more trophies.

The bigger the upset, the bigger the trophies stolen.

*Corrected thanks to @King_Kyree77

Actually @FrenziedEye, that isn’t what I said. Strength has nothing to do with it. The ONLY thing that actually matters is the difference in trophy count. Both defense teams could be 4100, but that wouldn’t matter if one individual has 300 more trophies than the other. Whoever has more trophies will lose the most in the situation.

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Only trophy difference matters as @King_Kyree77 said.

Good offense to maximize cups raided.

Good defense to hold as many cups as possible (this is the toughest part). :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes you’re right! Sorry I shouldn’t have said “weaker”. My mistake for confusing the OP.

If there is a bigger upset (ie. your trophies are much higher than your opponent’s trophies), the bigger the potential loss of trophies.


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