What brings players to the forum for advice?

This thought just peaked my curiosity

Just wondering what makes the forum better for advice than a player’s teammates or other people they may know

The in-game chat is severely limited, so it’s hard to have longer conversations or to type as much as one can here to fully flesh out ideas.

Also, images. :slight_smile:


But why not use line? Or discuss with teammates for perspectives?

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Bigger pool of people alot with more time then your teammates also their are Devs on here that give advice also


What stops a player from just joining an alliance that gives better advice than his/her current teammates?

And i know this probly all sounds like a dumb question. But if you search my posts i don’t think you’ll find me ever asking for advice(not that i can recall anyways), I’ve always either studied the information already here or I’ve talked in Line to players I’ve met in the game outside of my alliance

So just trying to see/understand a different perspective

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I’d also guess the relatively quick response. Maybe 10% of a typical alliance is on line at any given time, so you’ve only got a few people to talk to. Even in Line, it’s a smaller, slower audience.

And some people are at the top of their alliance but facing questions that others can’t help with. This certainly is a valuable function of the 7D family Discord—our junior alliances get direct access to the members of the senior alliances.


I seem to get faster responses from Line Groups than I do the forum. I’ve even asked the same questions in both places and Line has beat forum in # of responses 10 to 1 in much shorter time. Sure direct private messages may take longer for a response or in Alliance Line chat alone but for groups it’s pretty fast typically

Not to mention it’s often easier to get honest opinions in Line and not just favorable ones. Have noticed in forum many players don’t say what they really think or give advice they’d normally give. They either voice a favorable opinion out of fear of being flagged or give common advice to avoid confrontation

But why not use line?

A co-leader of my alliance brought up Discord the other day. The backlash against using “yet another social media app” and “I don’t have space for more stuff on my phone”, etc… it was horribly disheartening. Just from that alone I’m pretty sure this aint a long-term home for me… But yeah. I’ve no experience with Line. …but I have used forums and Reddit and such for all kinds of gaming in the past. Kinda habit by now. :slight_smile:

As for the alliance question… no one wants little old me with 500 cups and an unmaxed 3* team. They’re at the right level of difficulty for me… they’re just super casual. Once I get Big Enough to prove to others that I am up for the challenge… then I’ll find me a more communicative and engaging alliance.


Good point—forums just use a browser, which everyone has installed.


Lots of people enjoy their alliance for the friendship and loyalty despite weak advice, or just don’t know that higher ranked alliances are available.

I felt like a bit of a traitor leaving my first alliance, even though I was the chattiest and most knowledgeable even at level 20.

There’s a breadth of knowledge and experience here that an alliance sometimes can’t replicate.

And it’s searchable (although you sometimes wouldn’t know it :roll_eyes:)

Some people may prefer the ‘safe’ environment, knowing there’s certain protocols and recourse if it gets heated.

But I know a few people find it too safe.


There are plenty of knowledgeable alliance familes that would have you. Of course mine requires line but we share/discuss game info for new and veteran players on a daily basis.

Even have an advice room for alliance members only to share/discuss decisions and solutions across all 4 alliances. Sure we’re not top 100 but that’s mainly due to spending habits and bumps in the road here n there. Not due to lack of knowledge

mixed nuts, grimnir, zero, etc etc all have new player training alliances i believe. Not sure about crystal or 7D


I might have to hit ya up once the time comes to step out of this safe, comfy, newbie-zone, then. :grin:

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The search feature is a nice tool but line has the same tool. You can even search a word or phrase across every chat you’re in.

And I’m not trying to deter users from using forum for advice, i just think if players opened up better communication with each other then the same advice topics in the forum would be solved before they ever hit the forum(or if they used that handy forum search feature you mentioned)

Seems like the forum is becoming more and more clustered day in and day out with same topics and questions or very similar ones. And while the mods do a good job tryin to keep it tidy and neat, 4 mods isn’t enough to keep up with however many forum users we have

Can you search back to posts from before you joined the group? I’m pretty sure I’m WhatsApp, you can’t.

I was around when our Line started, so I haven’t tested it.

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Sounds like someone is trying to volunteer!

Kerridoc, get the shackles!!

But yes, I agree it’s difficult to keep tidy. And it’s pretty thankless trying to go back and merge a load of dead ends but then SOMEONE will resurrect it months later!


No but other players can and resend them or save them to notes so they can always be found

I’m not volunteering for modding lol bad idea

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I’d never heard of Line when I first started playing.

I was in an alliance where chat was limited, and advice was minimal.

So I turned here as you could link here in game.

If I need advice or an opinion, I’d reach out to my team mates 1st now. But maybe also come back here as there is a lot of collective experience available and lots of lovely people happy to help


Is there any possible solution to that?

That makes sense. I hadn’t heard of line before this game either. But wasnt a regular forum visitor until after all the advice from teammates had already been exhausted and other things peaked my curiosity that they couldn’t help with.

Of course i also ended up leaving that alliance and founding my own which then made me feel like i needed to soak up as much info as possible to relay back to them(still big reason i visit today, old habits die hard) but it was usually general info like farming tidbits or event guides or things of that nature.

Found line in 2nd alliance i was in when they begged me to get it, was reluctant at first(i hate social media) but very glad i got it now and i wouldnt be in an alliance without it

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