What Blue 5* To Max

Hi all

Which out of the below should I max. I know I have Isarnia at 3/70 but is she the right choice out of the others?

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Isarnia is good for titans. Magni is great for raid defense and offense. The other 3 I would ignore for now.


Im doing Magni first. But seeing as isarnia is at 3.70, id finish her first

Suppose I should finish her. I have Alasie maxed so there’s my blue sniper.

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Would probably do Magni then Isarnia. Richard further down the road if you’ve still got no better blues by then. Aegir/Thorne aren’t worth the mats.

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If you have Alasie maxed, then you should absolutely do Isarnia next. Don’t let the slow mana discourage you. She’s great. Her special is game changing when it goes off. Even when it doesn’t, her super high tile damage is very useful.


Magni Magni Magni.

Then only you should go for Isarnia.

Richard aint bad if you are looking for a tank.

Aegir can stay there.

Thorne only if you over 30 scopes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Magni. One of the best. U won’t regret it

Thanks for the responses. So you guys think Magni even though I already have Alasie? Is he good against Titans?

@Airhawk is just being nice.

In fact there are some here on this forum who would probably suggest that you should feed the middle fellow and the last fellow on the right to the others as they are a waste of time. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Any hero with high tile damage is great for titans.

Magni has one of the highest in the game. :slight_smile:

I like variety in my hero killsets, so when I was in the same position with Alasie already maxed, I picked Isarnia first, then did Magni as a second sniper.
It’s hard to make a wrong decision when picking between those two heroes though. I’d only say Isarnia is an absolute must to go first for a player if they are also lacking Grimm. Otherwise it’s personal preference.

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It depends on your preferred playstyle, really.

Most players like to pinpoint tiles of one color to set off fast high damage specials. They will tell you need to max Magni, because he is one of the best for this strategy. Activate Magni, punch a hole, ghost blue through the hole, snipe the rest to pieces.

My playstyle, much because of which hand was dealt to me, focusses on AoE, healing, buffing and debuffing rather than snipers. My only sniper is Caedmon, and he’s in the team more for his debuff than his snipe. It’s a different playstyle, where activating as many tiles as possible becomes the focus. Because once the mana is there, it’s time for KABOOM. And Isarnia is a pivotal hero in this strategy. Her firing will often decide the outcome.

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Oh i thought u didn’t have alasie. If u already have alasie maxed then choose isarnia over magni.

There’s no use 2 get 2 blue 5* sniper. Isarnia is ur best choice.

Note: u didn’t mention u already have alasie maxed on your first post. Please do so and more people will suggest u isarnia over magni in that case

Isarnia if you prioritize variety and titans. Magni if you prioritize offense. All in all, Isarnia.

Since you already have Alasie maxed, I’d do Isarnia first, for variety, plus her special (although slow) is a real gamechanger.

I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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