What best ? AZLAR or ELENA

Finaly i´ve my 6 rings, i´ve 2 options to ascend.

I was thinking in first place ascend Azlar because is a good tank, better then elena, but elena as more tile power, and i like the reflection .

i need more opinions.

It would be good to know what is your other champ team. Do you plan to use it for def or attack, or maybe just for PvE or Titans ?

I want a good tank in defense team.
My reds now are, lancelot colen boldtusk and gormek, in titans i use this more wu. All full ascended.
My defense team is boldtsk vivica boril lianna tiburtus.
What s best to defense team and titans?

Azlar would do better for you in my opinion. Elena has great tile damage but azlar is pretty good at it too. And in raids his special is a mess. Since both are slow heroes they have the same chance to fire so I’d go azlar. If Elena was average mana, I’d ascend her.

Hands down. It has gotta be AZLAR!

So Azlar is my man, :slight_smile: thx all.

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No, Colen is your man. Save up for a better red. Gravemaker, Falcon, Marjana or an Atlantean.

One year to get my 6 rings and you tell me to wait… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
i ll think better , until next atlantis gate … or not … i m confused

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I would wait to. I don’t have a 5* red yet. But out of the standard Heroes I would definitely wait for Marjana

Two slugs for ascending…poor Kalanga
…as whatisthis said.

Close call but Azlar is more complete IMO.

Azlar is way more competitive. Almost as good as titans, a much scarier defending hero, and more useful on the attack IMO. Azlar vs Elena is a no brainer Azlar for me.

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This answers the original question, correctly.

The more complete answer, though, is your current def team will not be improved enough to warrant Azlar over Colen.

Who are you planning to replace BT with? If you have Kiril maxed, your team is good enough to wait.

I´ve both BT and kiril , now im doing 30k in green titans with my red team plus wu.
I really want a good tank to my defense team, better than Boril, i read somewhere that Azlar is the best tank of the regular heroes. I m not a gem buyer so i was waiting for 6 rings

I can confirm Azlar is a great tank, and in your situation I would ascend him as I had. Before him I used Vivica as center. He’s never going to be as good as some of these HOTM/Event tanks, but we use what we can get and he does his job.
I never drop below 2400 cups, and rarely under 2500 when combining him with a very aggressive fast team. Sartana-Drake-Azlar-Alasie-Lianna is what I use.
He’ll serve you well as your center for a long time.

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Azlar 100%. I wish I had gotten him before Elena, but such is RNG. Elena is quite squishy for defense.

I agree as well Azlar is the better option. Alas I am still awaiting him to appear but one day

I have the same question except that Azlar or Elena will be my second red 5* (I have Marjana at 80)

But I also have Falcon but he is still at 1/1 . I have 14 blades btw

I am FTP now since I no longer need vip for the double builder. So I don’t expect to get any HotM or event hero

I would do G. Chicken first, then Azlar. The red debuf will help Marjana hit harder and be good for titans - also can get it to a effective level faster. Elena was my first 5 star ever and she still hasn’t reached final ascension - always a better choice for leveling.

It could be another year before this person gets a legendary fire you guys deem better :confused:

Keep in mind people, not everyone has the same luck in TC20. “wait for gravemaker…” uhh wut? lol guys thats not plausible for everyone. If you pay hundreds a year on the game its more likely, but some people have way less opportunities for premium portal pulls.

Anyways, neither Elena or Azlar seem to be strangers to bein in teams in the highest arena and top 100 but I would say Azlar is a more desirable tank than Elena, so he is probably better suited for you. Elena is best as a raid flank and better for titans imo.

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