What? Athena’s special dispells defense buff?

Athena’s special dispells defense buff? what?

Yes. Athena’s buff was changed to the same category as other defense modifiers. So she will replace any existing defense bonus or penalty. That means she will now dispel and won’t stack with heroes like grimm, gormek, tibertus…

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This is good news in reverse as well. Magni will dispel her debuff on heroes near him, etc.

I am a new user but how can I will get Athena,s bow because I know its montly player but I am just interested only that player,now my level is 24 ,want to play more but if I will disappointed go to delete that game without That player thanks

Currently there is no way to get a missed monthly hero. However I’m not sure that the game designers might not do something different down the line…

Here is the thread of current items that will, might, and probably won’t be added to the game soon:

I hope that I will try if not then it’s no worst to play more cox there are more other games but I prefer that.when I will really disappointed to cancell that game ,thanks

I have never received a single Hero of the Month in all this time…but the game is still fun and I enjoy playing it. :wink:

But I play seriously as I enjoy .its very simple also in that game are many mistakes which I can not explain .peoples are disappointed when they want to keep continues play but the game has not giving

Well there are things that frustrate most players: scarcity of ascension items in the game, length of time it takes to build things, perhaps not winning (or not understanding) Raid.

I think there will always be some level of scarcity to an item that gives you more power in-Game. That’s just the way it is. Building time is being addressed. I’ve never understood Raid! Ha! Kidding…but I am not competitively playing Raid, and therefore it doesn’t frustrate me. I tailor my gaming so that I have fun…why else play a game?

As regards Athena, there are many high-power heroes in the game. Many of them—including Athena—have been “nerfed” (reduced in power) to maintain game balance and make sure no one hero is OP (over powered). I might want Athena (or Hel or Ares or Alberich), but I know i have fun anyway, maximizing what I do have, and being part of the gaming community here.


:grin: :grin: :grin:

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Rookie-poo! Your amazing :slightly_smiling_face: Just stopping by to tell you that! ^-^

ha ha and still we have OP Athena for titans and OP Hel for raids and those who dont have them will never have top score on titan or raid =)

I have 4 x 4* and 1 x 5* and I’ve beaten a Hel-led team in raids.

You really think we should ALL be able to face-roll this game?

Strategery, my good man!

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I have all 4* and lots of 5* and I can tell you there is no strategy in this game especially if you have Hell and Athena :grinning: , my good man!

No strategy? You’re doing something wrong then.

I don’t have hel but I can definitely win raids and the few times I’ve tried I could rather steadily get/be in the top 100. I do have athena, which is a good start for titans, but if you don’t use strategy then I don’t expect you to ever break 50-100k titan hits… with or without athena.

Heroes are great facilitators, but my game sure as hell benefits from strategy.

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Stratagy is too loud word for this game :wink: Sure you can be in low row 100 even with good 4* and couple 5* My highest hit on 8* Titan 70k without Athena, i dont have it, but that not even close to 140k with Athena in team hits

Has there been a 140k hit with Athena since the nerf? goes to check

yes with Jackal in team

Per this thread, the highest so far is 160k+ (Xero!). I wonder if we’ll see higher?

Sure i believe in Zero :grinning:
but this possible only for Athena club members all other should wait for half a year to get in that Athena party

Lol. I’m such a girl: I want her because she’s pretty. Ha!

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