What ascension materials do you have an abundance of, and what can’t you seem to gather?

Where are the tonics!! Ok, I have been playing for 209 days, and I have never missed a day of play or a quest. I have 1 of every color maxed (except green), and almost ready for my second set of each color. I still only have 4 tonics, and now I have 4 of everything else (rings, darts, scopes, tabs) b4 getting my first set of 6 tonics. Is it me or do these drop the least?

What accession items do you have an abundance of, and what can’t you seem to gather?

Just luck, for me it’s the same but with darts.

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Damascus blades. I have 15!

And with 3 more evelyns, a second greg and Kadilen, tonics seem super rare.

Got Greg and Eve1 maxed.

Horghall stalks from the trees and is mad that I still leaf him alone at 1/1.

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I have 15 telescopes and 1-3 of the other 4* items.


Here are my totals for 4* mats after 18 months (including mats I’ve used already):

  • Tabards: 22 (16 in stock, 6 used)
  • Darts: 21 (9 in stock, 12 used)
  • Telescopes: 16 (4 in stock, 12 used)
  • Tonics: 19 (13 in stock, 6 used)
  • Rings: 21 (15 in stock, 6 used)
  • D. Blades: 12 (5 in stock, 7 used)
  • Tomes: 17 (10 in stock, 7 used)

Apparently, my lowest drop rate is for Damascus Blades. I always thought it was telescopes, which are a close second.


Darts for me too!!

And capes are rare. 9 telescopes to 11 capes in 9 months.


After 6 months,

12 telescopes
8 tonics,
12 darts,
13 rings,
12 tabbards

12 Damascus and 11 tomes.

Pretty even really…


Darts seem to love me now
Telescopes like me as a close friend

Wish I could same for Tonics. They hate me with a passion


5 Damascus blades 1 tome of tactics…
15 compasses and no gloves
Have other mats to ascend 3 5 stars and multiple 4s but waiting for that alchemy lab!

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Tonics. I have Greg and Mother North at 3/70 waiting for tonics, and Morgan le Fay, Kadilen, Elkanen, and Groot to level. I probably won’t take the last 3 past 3/70 at all, though


Tonics and shields. Orbs may as well be tall boots to me, and Tabbards and scopes seem friendly.


Green Tonic plus one

-4 on tonics tho, but overall you got a nice stack for 6 months. Nice man!

Very few Tonics and rings. A thief must have broke into my base, gotten drunk on tonics and stole all the jewelry.

I have sooo many trap tools. Apparently my base wants to catch the thief the next time they try to break in and is stocking up on tools for creating more devious traps.


14 months of play:

Tabards: 16 (10 in stock, 6 used)
Darts: 23 (17 in stock, 6 used)
Telescopes: 20 (14 in stock, 6 used)
Tonics: 16 (16 in stock, 0 used)
Rings: 16 (16 in stock, 0 used)
D. Blades: 15 (12 in stock, 3 used)
Tomes: 15 (12 in stock, 3 used)

Getting most darts (and orbs!), just got my 16th tabard from 100 monster chest today, so now tied with rings and tonics for lowest. But pretty equal with nearly a little over 1 of each item for each month.


My trap tool count is A+ as well :joy:

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tbh, thinking ahead my man! Alchemy lab, nice nice, almost forgot

Looks like I’m flooded with Rings and Orbs, short on gloves and Damascus blades.

AM Inventory 9 months of play:

Damascus Blades: 8
Farsight Telescopes: 10
Mysterious Tonics: 10
Mystic Rings: 18
Poison Darts: 10
Royal Tabard: 13
Tome of Tactics: 12

Compass: 35
Fine Gloves: 30
Hidden Blade: 32
Orb of Magic: 40
Sturdy Shield: 31
Trap Tools: 37
Warm Cape: 31

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About 7 Months of Play:

4* Ascension Materials:

Damascus Blades: 9
Farsight Telescopes: 11
Mysterious Tonics: 14
Mystic Rings: 15
Poison Darts: 12
Royal Tabard: 11
Tome of Tactics: 9

Fairly even. Though, I could use another Tome, Blade, Tabard and Scope to even everything out nicely.

3* Ascension Materials:

Compasses: 38
Fine Gloves: 46
Hidden Blades: 32
Orbs of Magic: 40
Sturdy Shields: 35
Trap Tools: 38
Warm Capes: 36

These are all fairly even as well, aside from my abundance of gloves. Always felt like I was lacking compasses, but they seem on track with the rest of my 3* items (aside from gloves).


Scopes and tonics elude me, but most frustrating is my lack of Damascus blades. I have a couple 5* about ready to go except for the Damascus blades…

Edit: Guess I’ll join in breaking it down.

Over about seven months:

3* AM
Trap Tools - 35 total (28 used, 7 in stock)
Magic Orbs - 45 total (36 used, 9 in stock)
Warm Capes - 36 total (32 used, 4 in stock)
Sturdy Shields - 40 total (40 used, 0 in stock)
Hidden Blades- 43 total ( 36 used, 7 in stock)

Fine Gloves - 47 total (35 used, 12 in stock)
Compass - 42 total (35 used, 7 in stock)

4* AM
Royal Tabards - 19 total (12 used, 7 in stock)
Poison Darts - 12 total (12 used, 0 in stock)
Farsight Telescopes - 8 total (6 used, 2 in stock)
Mysterious Tonics - 12 total (12 used, 0 in stock)
Mystic Rings - 13 total (6 used, 7 in stock)

Tome of Tactics - 11 total (8 used, 3 in stock)
Damascus Blades - 8 total (8 used, 0 in stock)


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