What ascension item are you missing

I am missing the Tome of Tactics. I have 4 different colored 5*s that I can take to 4th tier if I had the darn purple books.

I tend to always be low on hidden blades and warm cloaks. Usually at least that one I really need to ascend the hero I want.

it just seams like there is 1 that is hidden the most. lol


Ain’t that the truth!! It’s always whatever you need just one more of that avoids you the most :joy:

Tabards. I have more purple heroes to ascend than anything and I can’t get a single one, let alone 6.

Darts. Three really good yellows to ascend and I just got a 3rd dart.

Fine gloves, the number I got is very imbalanced compared to the compasses. From six months, I got 20 compasses but only 11 fine gloves…

What good are nine compasses without the gloves to pair it? Probably only to be saved while waiting for lucky gloves streak… or alchemy lab


I have more tabards than purple heroes to ascend. Wait… maybe that’s more tabards than purple heroes I want to ascend (Glances at Obakan)

I just got my 4th so I feel your pain :unamused: I have 4 yellow 5s waiting to eat and they refuse to only take 1 apiece. Just rude… lol


Lmfao, RNG hates us in the same ways. I’m just collecting tabards while Obakan stares at me.

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I only get the book of tactics and the mysterious drink from tasks

I am missing darts, teltscopes and rings. Please send my way please. Thank you very much in advance.

I’ve been chronically low on tonics. I’ve ascended 3 purple 5* and a couple each of the other colors (besides yellow, I need a good yellow 5* first) I still need 2 tonics for my second green 5* lol poor Evelyn.

I am the exact opposite. For the past few months, I have had 12 fine gloves and 0 compasses. I just finally picked up a compass the other day and I have a â– â– â– â–  ton of heroes waiting to ascend now since I never get compasses!

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My biggest hole of materials is Sturdy Shields. Over the life of my account, I have received a total of 40 blades/40 capes, but only 24 shields. Second biggest hole is Fine Gloves. I currently have 9 Compasses and 2 Gloves (38 vs 31 over the life of my account).

Got another compass from war chest :man_facepalming:

After ascending Scarlett, now I left with 12 compasses and 2 fine gloves… I have used 9 each, so in my time playing this game I have acquired 21 compasses and 12 fine gloves…

My brother also have the same exact issue… We also have another similiar issue which is almost 35% heroes we got are green… We both have trouble getting Gato while we have abundant Chochin, Mnesseus, and Melia… I wonder if the RNG have some flaw connected to our IP address somehow…

Mine are fine gloves mainly. I need to use them wisely. I have 6 (Danzboro, Wilbur #2, Triton #2, and possibly Richard getting 4 of them)

Lately Trap tools have evaded me as well.

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Poisoned darts and telescopes are realy, really rare for me.

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I have about 15 heroes sitting at the glove block, and more in the wings (completely unleveled). the other 3* materials are starting to accumulate in small piles (10 compasses, etc.)

But do I have 29 heroes past the glove block, so it’s not like I’m stuck stuck. Just somewhat stuck.

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So am I… I only got 4 Poison Darts and 3 Telescope while I already got 7 Mystic Rings, 8 Mysterious Tonics, and 7 Royal Tabbard… Also 8 Damascus Blade + 6 Tome of Tactics…

I’m not super stuck as I have a lot past the glove threshold as well. It is just the 1 mat I have seem to have been short on through 14 months playing. I have about 20 at the glove block. I need to chose wisely when I do use them.

Here is what I got:

5* Level Color

Khiona 4-80 Purple
Victor 4-80 Purple
Obakan 3-53 Purple
Sartana 3-70 Purple
Kunchen 3-70 Purple
Onatel 4-80 Yellow
Joon 4-80 Yellow
Drake 3-70 Yellow
Drake 3-70 Yellow
Isarnia 4-80 Blue
Richard 2-60 Blue
Lianna 4-80 Green
Horghall 1-26 Green
Natalya 4-80 Red
Natalya 3-70 Red
Elena 3-70 Red
Anzogh 4-80 Red

4* Level Color
Tiburtus 4-70 Purple
Tiburtus 3-60 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Merlin 4-70 Purple
Sabina 3-60 Purple
Proteus 4-70 Purple
Gretal 4-70 Yellow
Wu 4-70 Yellow
Chao 3-60 Yellow
Danzaburo 3-31 Yellow
Kiril 4-70 Blue
Kiril 3-60 Blue
Sonya 4-70 Blue
Sonya 3-60 Blue
Grimm 4-70 Blue
Grimm 3-60 Blue
Boril 3-60 Blue
Valeria 3-60 Blue
Captain of Diamonds 4-70 Blue
Triton 2-24 Blue
Triton 4-70 Blue
Jack O’hare 4-70 Green
Caedmon 4-70 Green
Caedmon 3-60 Green
Melandor 4-70 Green
Melandor 3-60 Green
Gadeirus 4-70 Green
Buddy 4-70 Green
Gobbler 3-60 Green
Little John 3-60 Green
Hansel 4-70 Green
Scarlet 4-70 Red
Wilbur 4-70 Red
Wilbur 3-29 Red
Boldtusk 4-70 Red
Boldtusk 3-60 Red
G. Falcon 4-70 Red
Sir Lancelot 3-60 Red
Kellile 3-60 Red
Gormek 3-60 Red
Colen 3-60 Red
Sumitomo 3-60 Red

Tyrum 3-50 Purple
Balthazaar 3-50 Purple
Chocin 2-34 Purple
Melia 3-50 Yellow
Bane 3-50 Yellow
Kailani 1-1 Yellow
Gato 3-50 Blue
Hisan 3-50 Green
Belith 3-50 Green
Berden 3-50 Green
Rudolph 3-50 Red
Hawkmoon 3-50 Red
Azar 1-1 Red

Thorne Blue
Isarnia Blue
Richard Blue
Kadlien Green

Ameonna Purple
Rigard Purple
Sabina Purple
Wu Yellow
Li Xiu Yellow
Kiril Blue
Agwe Blue
Kashhrek Green
Melendor Green
Gormek Red
Boldtusk Red
Guardian Falcon Red
Wilbur Red

    • Currently leveling
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