What are your thoughts?

The Ideas & Feature Requests category gets a fraction of the views of the General Discussion.
This post has shortcuts to several ideas that I would like to see more discussion about.

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That’s why gossip magazines sells more then science magazines :face_with_monocle:


My thought is that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink :slight_smile:

My guess is many people bypass that section by choice rather than through ignorance.


A hivemind of experienced players will come up with lots of ideas that the devs have not thought of, and their ideas are from a player perspective. If an idea gets a lot of comments and votes, the developers will consider it to be implented in the game…just look at the alchemy lab. It would be a sad day when the masses are content with what they are spoonfed.

Many of these ideas are based on successful implementations on other match3 games, such as the new currency or conversion items.

-‘Gold’ acts like a pity counter so that as long as you log in everyday it will guarantee some new content every 2 months and people will feel they are progressing in the game.
-Lots of people are already on board with a permanent wave counter.
-Increasing the battle item slots from 4 and introducing non-consumable items ‘artifacts’ is another great customization for your warbands.
-Tile converter scrolls would be a welcome addition so long as they are limited to only a few allowed per battle.

Gonna tag a few people just so that I know it was at least seen @zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Petri

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First off, thanks for thinking of me, and for writing up several ideas to contribute!

Though they rarely respond, I know the developers make a point of keeping up with posts on the forum, so they will likely see your idea posts.

This thread is in General Discussion, and seems to not have garnered much in the way of reactions so far either, so I’m not sure the category is really at issue.

As @Garanwyn and @Elpis said:

In short, I don’t think we can compel readership or reaction, even if the ideas are fruitful and well-presented.

From an organizational standpoint, it would be problematic to have a duplicate post for each topic in #ideas-feature-requests in #general-discussion as well. And even this sort of synopsis of multiple ideas would likely get messy if there were actually discussion happening here in this thread. Having a single thread per topic/idea helps to keep them organized. (And is in keeping with #forum-rules.)

My suggestion is to participate in discussions, and when one of your ideas is relevant to the topic, include a link to it in your comment. Over time as people see your ideas, and their usefulness in context, their understanding and interest is likely to grow — along with their votes and engagement.

I’ll leave this thread listed in #general-discussion as an entry point to these ideas, but am closing it so any comments can flow to the respective threads.

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