What are your biggest pet peeves in the game?

I normally like building games. And role playing games. E&P looked like it had both. With a side of Candy Crush.

Turns out, the “building” aspect of E&P is mostly just about waiting forever. There’s no real way to customize your base, and the base is not even involved in gameplay at all aside from resources.

The role playing aspect of E&P… well, you have heroes that you level up, and costumes, and emblems, but for the most part - at the end of the day, an Elena is an Elena, a Friar is a Friar, etc. You can customize them a little bit, but not to a game changing degree.

Most of the rest of the elements are either Candy Crush or Casino. With a bit of automated RNG pseudo PvP and arbitrary tournament ranking systems and such thrown in for extra :poop:s and giggles.

There’s certainly enough things in E&P to keep someone busy. But much of it does end up feeling like tedious busywork with few rewards sometimes.

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Haha nah, the 39/40.

I kept the balloon in the image 'cause the green really makes the image pop!


Oh god, you know what’s even worse? When you accidentally open the download link, but when you open E&P back, it’s logging you in anew and the ad isn’t counted as watched.

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Yep, that happens to me every time. Some of the ads don’t even have an X button at the end, basically forcing you to watch it without getting credit for watching it.

My actual favorites are the ones that end automatically and close themselves after they’re done. :+1: to those advertisers!

Try to farm a level. Hero Cap Reached.
Click x.
Click x.
Click x.
Click back.
Click Heroes.
Use some heroes.

Seems like a few too many clicks for something that happens all the time

  1. When i didn’t pay attention and overfeed my hero that ready to proceed to the next tier. What a waste of hero feeders :confounded:

  2. When i need to compare which node should i take for costume and non costume emblem that required several click click click exit and click click clik

  3. When i need to create some items and use + button that adding 1 by 1 that takes so long. I hope there is +10 button that can multiply ten times for the items that we want to create.

  4. When collecting heroes feeder from Hero academy lv.1 that still no COLLECT ALL button yet like in TC.


Let’s see…

  • The rotation lock on iOS, which means I always have to play with the lightning port pointing down - making it very uncomfortable to play with a power cord plugged in. Other portrait-mode games have no problem rotating 180°, but E&P doesn’t allow it, for some reason.
  • The game resetting on the active device if a competing device is switched on - even for a split second. This happens too me all too often, for example, when I’m playing on my phone and give my son my iPad - but E&P was the most recently opened app there, too, so it opens and kills my current round. Why not a) refuse the new logon or b) at least display a prompt, allowing the new device to choose whether or not to take over?

That’s just simple QoL stuff that has been consistently neglected. Stuff I don’t like in the game:

  • The constant shortage of everything (especially crucial 3* mats for crafting battle items)
  • The stingy hero drop rates
  • The extremely high gem costs for speeding up construction/crafting/research
  • The unreasonably long build times for advanced buildings
  • Inability to place/replace advanced buildings that I’ve already built without having a free builder
  • In raids: opponent heroes who resurrect 8, 9, or 10 times in a row - until they manage to fire off their specials - and only then die completely

That’s just a few off the top of my head.


I actually turn that one into a “game within the game”. When I am maxed out on food or iron (and can’t currently use them for anything meaningful)… I take a gander at my crafting forges. Ooh! I have enough mats to make a thousand more small antidotes.

Challenge time: let’s see if I can charge this forge up to craft exactly 250 of them before it spits out the first one. And… START!



Hahhaa lol, SG need to listen to this. @Petri

Please create +10 and -10 on forge items creation for the next QoL update

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They do QoL (Quality of Life) updates? Dang. I need to get into the beta on one of those! I thought they only did AoR (Amount of Revenue) updates.


A +10 button would be nice, but you can tap and hold…


Really? Damn, that’s awesome! Didn’t know that worked.

Wait… you’re on IoS, right? Does that work on Android too?

Standby… going to test for myself…

UPDATE: yep, it works. It doesn’t “speed up” the count like some other games I’ve played, but it might save my screen from being tapped to death. Thanks for the tip!


Yup i know i can tap and hold. But still it is too slow for adding the items that we want to create multiply by 1+ 1.

It is faster with +10 which is multiplied by +10 on each tap

You didn’t know about this?? :scream:

Can’t image how miserable u are each time creating antidotes and arrows


I didn’t, no. But since I rarely use arrows, and only use a few antidotes a day, it never became an issue.

Let it be known that I saved you from a potentially terminal case of carpal tunnel syndrome. :wink:

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Lol, glad u know it now.

Thanks to chodaboy, ur savior

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Actually the taptaptapping comes quite naturally to me when I’m not on a heavy sedative. :laughing:

Just put a phone under my hands on a normal day and I can type a thousand characters a minute without even trying.

U should farm many tabards if u use ur skills on morlovia-gate :rofl:

Just kidding

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I specifically made sure not to try to exploit anything on purpose. I’m not looking to get into trouble or get any unfair advantages! The only “exploits” I’ve ever used are the ones that are allowed (and occasionally even endorsed) by the game: cup dropping and color stacking.

Cup dropping allowed me to fill raid chests, but made me feel dirty after, so I don’t do it anymore.

Color stacking? No regrets. That I’m going to keep on doing until it no longer works.

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