What are your biggest pet peeves in the game?

You know, minor annoyances that might seem absolutely natural to someone else.

I almost lose it when I pull a 3* troop with a silver token, since it means I could’ve got a spankin’ new 5* if I pulled a different portal instead.

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What annoys me the most in this game is time needed for upgrading buildings… This takes too much time and progress is so slow. And the amount of iron needed for upgrades… I barely can craft any items…

  • Do a level
  • Finish the level, see level reward screen, click to replay
  • Realise I don’t have any more world energy (not visible on level reward screen)
  • Want to get back to the Base screen
  • Click to close the level menu
  • Shown my rewards from the level I finished again???

Why the extra screen? :dizzy_face:


Alchemy Lab - well really it’s just pants for the time and effort

Welcome to the forum @krillatron :slightly_smiling_face:

So you can marvel at the common herb, 100 ham and 250 iron you just “won” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For me it is the times waiting and waiting to build up food storage so I can research HA9 and 10. I am DAYS away. Then I will have to wait for the research to complete.

The other is TC20 giving me a 3* then 2 days later my “free” daily summon gives me the same 3*. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage: :poop:

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Being able to save up only 6 raid flags at a time… but the minimum to open a raid chest is 8 perfect raids.

yes sure, raid tournament attacks count, but then I get kicked out often by Day 4. so that’s 3-4 days of the week (inc. weekends) where I don’t have those extra flags

So often what happens is - raid chest becomes available, I raid, and I have to check back in in 2-4 hours again just to open that chest.

if I could save up 10-12 raid energy flags on the other hand…


also… Hero Academy can retrain hard-to-get Event 5s… but not 3 or 4*? Like, why?


No wave counter in the map levels. If I don’t pay attention the split second it tells me, I have no clue what’s happening. Should I save my specials? Do I have another wave before the boss? The feature exists elsewhere - not sure why we don’t have it for the map.


I hear you, but don’t you have about 9001 raid energy flasks lying around?

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The building conversion of an already modified/researched/previously converted building takes a second builder.


The raid chest. 40 heroes to fill with 6 flags.
Guaranteed wait of >2hrs.

Edit: Oops, already mentioned within the first 10 replies. Onto a winner here.


checks bank account



My biggest pet peeve is trying to set up an attacking team, then I have to get out of that to change costumes if the hero is suited better with or without a costume. Annoying.

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Biggest pet peeves? Oh it is hard to pick just one… way too many to list them all.

  • finally get a good board on titan… right as you run out of time
  • almost win a PvP battle and… opponents all revive with full mana and heal themselves
  • getting a raid chest up to 39/40, monster chest up to 99/100, and you’re out of flags
  • seeing titan has 1 hour 37 minutes left and you get your next flag in 1 hour 38 minutes
  • Atlantis Rises is up! Daily PoV requirements: complete season 1 and season 3 map stages
  • use your last unfarmables to final ascend a hero that you’ve had for months; next day, pull a better hero in the same color
  • log in to the game, try to exit out of many popups and accidentally click the wrong part of the screen, redirecting you to the “Google Pay” site
  • watch a Mystic Vision, try to exit out after it’s done, accidentally click the wrong part of the screen redirecting you to the “download this really stupid looking game” menu
  • in any tile battle, try to swipe a tile to the left and somehow it thinks you meant to swipe to the right; instead of creating a diamond in your ideal color, you have now accidentally charged up the mana of the opponents’ scariest heroes instead
  • your heroes automatically get one shotted every time their mana is finally full
  • you realize that a war attack is not going well, so you try to flee on what you thought was “your” turn, only to find out that the opponents weren’t done casting :poop: yet; they all heal themselves before you’re able to escape
  • you log in and try to tap tap tap out of all the damn popups, and end up missing important information, like what loot you got from the last killed titan
  • you switch teams to do a particular task; go in to do a different task later and realize that you are now using the wrong team
  • you accomplish something incredible in the game, but fail to take a screenshot, so nobody believes you later when you tell them about it
  • you need to craft or train something, but all of your buildings are currently busy doing something else
  • you max out a hero’s level before maxing their special skill
  • your roster’s best heroes are all the same damn class, so you’re forced to “share” emblems between them

Just a few to get started with. :grin:


Mine is the Season 3 world map.

I was obsessed with completing Season 1 when I first started playing in 2018. Then Season 2 came along and I just burned through each level on Normal and Hard and eagerly awaited new provinces as the season progressed. Had so much fun with it.

I don’t know why but I just can’t get into Season 3. Just reached province 25 on normal. Only halfway through Province 7 on hard. Just can’t get into it. Feel so far behind where I should be but also just don’t want to work the map. It bores the hell out of me.

Not really a pet peeve, per se. I’m more annoyed at myself about it.


:sweat_smile::rofl::joy:! Isn’t this how thousands of players arrived at E&P, via some other games version of Mystic Crappy Advert?


I thought you were talking about the Goblin balloon from your picture! That’s my pet peeve- a waste of space, it clutters up my screen and makes it difficult to hit ducks for POV! And all you get is complete rubbish loot.

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Most of the maps and quests are fairly boring, IMO. I autoplay the majority of them just for the loot. I consider majority of the game’s PvE content to be mostly a means to an end. The end being expanding and improving my hero roster. Mostly for titans and Alliance Wars. Those are the fun parts of the game for me. Mostly competing against myself, really. Trying to best my own titan scores. Trying to get to a point to where I can one shot most of my war opponents. Watching my team grow and slowly get gradually stronger every day.

That is exactly how I found E&P! But in that case, I clicked on it on purpose, because I was getting tired of the original game, and E&P looked more interesting.

The game I was getting tired of was a casino game. E&P looked more like a role playing game, and that was what grabbed my attention.

Overall assessment: yes, E&P is more interesting than a typical casino game.

But unfortunately, in many ways, it is still a casino game. :confused:


Yeah, me too! :joy:. I was playing a build and conquer type yawn-fest, and to say it was tedious would be an understatement.

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