What are you expecting from a War Chest?

Since there will be some alliances that will open their war chests this weekend I was wondering what the community’s expectations are for loot from such a chest. I know the war chest description says “great rewards” but I also remember when something similar was said about elemental chests. I figure there will still be complaints but I think some baseline should be taken before the yelling starts.

Personally, the alliance I’m in needs two more wins to open the chest so I don’t feel especially anxious yet. I would like to see at least two non-farmable, rare ascension materials in the chest for those who have full participation. Preferably one 3* (like capes & hidden blades) and one 4* (like tonics and darts). Farmable loot, gems, tokens and other knickknacks would be cool in addition to the mats but realistically speaking we’re all looking at the mats first and foremost. I think this would be a reasonable floor for loot levels because that would be equivalent to the loot earned in a rare quest. The rotation in quests has that dropping 3 times a month. It should be easy to agree that pulling off 5 war victories is much harder than a rare quest and has players more invested in the game than the rare quest rotation.

Anything above a 2 rare mat level would be thrilling. Anything below would probably have mercs returning to their usual ways. At least that’s what my crystal ball says.

What kind of loot would make you stick with the wars?

After all the time it takes nothing less than this
If not then I like to have 10 epic hero tokens or 500 Atlantis coins


It takes so long to fill it. I think there should be a Guaranteed 4* Ascension item. They should make war chests und Titan chests like Atlantis Chest, which gave a Guaranteed ascension Item. :wink:


For the sake of player-dev relations, I’m really hoping for something positive.

Winning 5 wars is a big ask so let’s see some mats, some gold tokens and a decent chunk of Atlantis coins.


Since elemental chests have the same verbiage, I suspect that the rewards will be the same as those chests. Just a guess, though :wink:


I doubt there will be guaranteed anything, it will all be RNG. I hope that everyone with full participation will get 3 shots at 3* items and 2 for 4 star and that the odds are at least as good as the elemental chests, if not slightly better.


if you have to dispute 9 or 10 minimum wars, to get 3 gray chips, a compass if there is one and 30 gems turn off and let’s go. It will be much better.

I would hope that it is at least as good as the Atlantis “bonus” chest. At least 1 non-farmable ascension mat. If it’s not, as mentioned above, mercs will go back to business as usual. And since it appears the main reason for the war chest is to stop mercs, it will hopefully be better.

It would be nice…but most of the Atlantis chests are opened via people opening their wallets. That isn’t the case here. I maybe wrong, but I suspect that will make a difference when SG considers giving a 100% chance for an unfarmable.

I prefer to expect little and be surprised when something good arrives. Though it feels like it should be somewhere between a high tier titan reward and an elemental chest. I will be very pleasantly surprised…nay shocked…if it includes a guaranteed non farmable AM. Just a couple days away from seeing rewards for teams that have gone 5 for their last 5 wars, correct? I’m definitely curious :slight_smile:

Its been a bit since I last got a gold hero token. Would love one of those, can never have too many Berdens!

I would like to see rewards that reflect the effort needed on an alliance’s part to win 5 wars. Or 4+ suffering five defeats or 3+10 defeats etc. I don’t think a guarantee on a 4* material is realistically possible, but I would like to see it if possible. Overall I would expect a reasonable amount of Ascension mat rolls, personally I think twice the three Ascension mat rolls from titan loot tier nine would be around right. This is my opinion and more is welcome, but I don’t think we will see much more than if we had beaten a pair of titans to attain loot tier 9 if we are lucky.

TlDr: In my opinion around 6 Ascension mat rolls seems reasonable, plus the item, token and crafting material rolls.

We have 12 points (2 wins, 2 losses). I expect that it will take our alliance at least a month to fill a chest. That’s probably average for most alliances. So, considering that we get 3 rare quests per month with guaranteed 3 & 4 star AM, a reasonable expectation is that we might get double the AM of a rare quest. Here’s hoping!

I stepped out of my alliance on an errand and found I had forfeited the points saved up to that point. :confused:

Next chest, I hope for a pony! :grin:


Noooooo…!! Sadly, this does answer the question of what happens when you leave and return to the same alliance. I’ve seen that asked on the forums a few times. Not much other good I can find in that for you :unamused:

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I don’t mind. Would rather it happened to me than a bunch of unsuspecting folks. Pass the word! :wink:

How is saying “expecting nothing” against community rules? Is all negative feedback now being censored?

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I think with the frequency it fills, and the circumstances of everyone opening it at once, there will be at least 1 guaranteed ascension mat and guaranteed epic hero and troop token. Hoping for a 3 and 4* ascension mat guaranteed but that may be where the line is drawn.

Titan loot is a team effort but still RNG. This bieng all team effort I don’t think they will have 1 player open a telescope and another open iron and a time stop.

They follow the forums enough and I’m fairly certain they would realize the negative blowback of the above example.

I’m expecting a elemental like chest but guaranteed 1 nonfarmable and 2 gold coins with random rolls for other slots. Throw in a random trainer and random flask.

This feels about where the value should range for time and effort.

3 gems and a turtle banner.

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I’d love a time stop🤣

I think that would be well received.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an update not followed by a general outcry!

2 golden coins?
What if they give you 2 troop tokens!
ROFL. I’d turn off the war if so.

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