What are we paying

Fix % to get 5 stars heroes what i’m paying and please spare me some things of saying it’s gacaha or luck,so i do over 50 atlantis pulls and no 5 * or hotm tnx

Well, if you understand gacha games, and you’re aware of the odds, then looks like you got the result you must have been expecting.

If you want to join a proposal for modifying the draw system, there are several in #ideas-feature-requests

@Kerridoc, @Zephyr1, @Rook this is duplicative of many, many threads…

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Please join conversation already in progress with the OP in: Bye Bye Empires and Puzzles - #11 by Tutix

As @Garanwyn mentioned, there are also many posts in #ideas-feature-requests for improving or changing how hero summons work. Please use the Forum Search to find them.

You may also be interested in reading the recent AMA and joining in the discussions about summoning fairness and new ways of training and acquiring heroes that are in development: SGG "Ask Me Anything" AMA transcript - 13 March 2019

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