What are these dragons, SG?

Dont know what these dragons are (titans?) , but I want them! Both! Now!
Mighty Dragon heroes… that would be awesome!
(voted for you already… if you have some gems left which you don’t need and want, I would be delighted to help you by taking them :wink::smile:)


I guess they are from the other two games nominated

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Also who da flip are these dudes

Even if one did not know better, one might be tempted to say things are coming up.

Idc about the heros in the pic. I just wanna know how i can get even 1 board like that on a titan lol


What, a 7 by 8 board? :wink:


You will have it… exactly at 3 seconds of the end of the run.

And it’s titan’s turn to shot his special.


If a 7x8 board will get me that many matches, then yea I’ll take it lol just for 1 hit

Yea it does seem to go that way lol

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