What are the tournament criteria

Que absurd these tournament. You do not even have to try to play. Congratulations to the organizers rubbish. Bosta, of tournaments.

@zephyr1 I’m sure this can be merged to a raid tournament thread but not sure where. Also, I don’t think your awesome new master list of threads has one for the tourneys?

, about the tournament I have no doubts. But the PULZZES do not help your team at all, so I say it’s absurd what happens to the Your team

What should be a time passes, becomes stressant

Sorry for the way I’m going to pronounce here, but the attacks of the game are unbearable to make the game manipulate not to beat the opponent so I say sucks that game

There aren’t really any established long-term threads for Raid Tournaments yet, since they’re new and matchmaking is still a work in progress.

I’ve been making new threads each time and pinning them.

Is google translate really this terrible at translating to English?