What are the options for an alliance with an MIA leader?

Hi. We might have an issue.

We haven’t seen our leader for a few days (never happened before) and folks in our alliance are starting to wonder what will happen if he doesn’t return? We hope he will and, most importantly, that nothing bad happened to him other than phone battery dying with no charger in sight, but it’s always best to know options, isn’t it.

We are a top 20 alliance so starting from scratch would suck melon-sized balls. Is it possible that a new leader could be appointed somehow if our fella doesn’t return in a few days?



Might not be the ideal solution, but you could swap members with the sister/smaller alliance. In this way you’d be starting from 6* titans instead of 1*.

We have a sister alliance, but it would be quite a dick move to basically kick them out and shove them into some hole so that we can start up higher :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know about other members, but I can say for myself that it would not sit well with me at all.


Right, you can’t exactly swap because you don’t have leader in the top alliance.

Then… but this is harder: try to find an alliance that is breaking up anyway, or the leader wants to quit, and that leader would just give the alliance to one of you. I did find someone like that when I was merc’ing. I think he was impressed by my 30K or something hit.

This would be not only harder, but could be near impossible. We have 29 active people. We would have to split and go into random alliances asking them if they’re not falling apart and then hope to find one that is willing to basically vacate the premises entirely - so that 29 people can move in.

Even if it happened we lose our spot, we lose our alliance that we’ve been working on for months, and we’re basically picking up some scraps.

It’s just not right that once a leader goes inactive the alliance is dead, gone, done. It doesn’t make sense. We have several co-leaders who have no power to do anything. It’s not so much co-leading if we have no power to lead, is it?

By no means is this a jab towards you, @kahree, thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

But I would really hope that devs could assist us in a different way. It takes a LONG time and teamwork to get an alliance to where we got ours :disappointed_relieved: It would be really demotivating if the only thing we could do is lose it all.

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You don’t wanna leave and start a brand new alliance just because of titan tiers?

We are fighting 9* now and have 27 members! We need good and active members here :grin:

You have 3 spots :wink: We’d need 29 of them.

It’s titan tiers and titan score, too.

Playing devil’s advocate here, but…

If your alliance wanted to start anew and you take all (or most) of the the members over what you get is:

  • A small period of lower titans.
  • A longer period of lower alliance score. (How much does this mean to you? Really? Look in the mirror and answer honestly)
  • Much easier AW matches in which you cruise for a while
  • A bit of a Titan holiday in which you get the pleasure of whuppin’ some Titan backside just for thrills and giggles
  • The chance to choose a new banner, a new name, a new philosophy (if needed) and a leader who you believe in… not some doos (South African term… Google it) who would leave without taking care of his legacy or responsibilities.
  • The pleasure of fighting your way back there again and reaffirming that you EARNED it!

The cost is temporary inconvenience and ego. The gain is (possibly) something a bit more long term.

I would offer you join mine, but Top20? Sheesh… that’s just hard work, people. Chill.

There endith your rediculously positive and impractical message of the day. Feel free to ignore if you will. :slight_smile:


Not gonna ignore your message cause I should be working right now and you’re giving me one more desperate procrastination opportunity :rofl:

  1. I’m not sure how long it takes exactly to go from 1 to 10 start titans, but it’s several weeks. We have just recently opened a sister alliance and getting to 6* took I think 2 or 3 weeks over there. @Eddard knows exactly, he was overseeing that together with Lucy who I don’t think uses the forums.

  2. Well, quite a bit, I’d say. Our goal is/was to get to top 10, that’s a nice motivation and we have a bunch of competitive players who enjoy climbing the ladder quite a bit.

  3. Why would we want that though? AW rewards are worthless and there’s no challenge in defeating much weaker opponents.

  4. A week would be fine, a two-month holiday might be an overkill. This ain’t a 5* resort we’re talking about here, my dude :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  5. You can change the banner anytime :> Don’t know about the name, but I think we’d still end up with some GoT thing or another pff (I’m probably the only one in the whole alliance who doesn’t care about the show :rofl: )
    I’m not so fast to blame our leader here, we have no idea what happened to him. Maybe he’s in an internet-less black hole, maybe some real-life emergency. But since we’ve no clue, we obviously have to look for options, especially since it’s unprecedented.

  6. We do that every day, my friend, every day when a 10* titan fries our ample butts or - worse - freezes them (damn you Krabken), and yet it goes down, we prove that we are where we belong :stuck_out_tongue:

“I would offer you join mine, but Top20? Sheesh… that’s just hard work, people. Chill.”

But… but… but we LIKE it :disappointed_relieved: We got no chill, we want blood and guts and glory! All day every day!

Have a good chill day over there! :unicorn:


I know that going from 9* to 10* on regular basis took a couple of month and now killing 10* on daily basis and reaching a titan score of 74k is achieved from months of hard work.
Starting over on 1* titans is not a option…
What we like to know is if we have to live with only 29 members if our leader is not coming back or something can be done to make us a full alli and have a leader again?

Our situation has been resolved.

But I think a response from Devs on this topic would still be nice to have, for any other alliance that may find themselves in this predicament.

To my knowledge, there is no current way to oust an existing leader and replace him/her.

(I’m not going to guess at the rationale here, but I have some ideas.)

Players who find themselves leaderless can either continue as is, or start a new alliance (or get creative with merging if they have room, etc.)

The FAQ on the topic is here:


I wonder if there would be much downside to implementing a vote system.

If a leader is inactive for a period of one week/month let elders and co-leaders vote a new leader in and demote the old leader to member status (to let people keep the person in in case they need a leader but don’t want to remove the inactive person just yet - quite vital with no private message system).


With how competitive active alliances are, many might not keep that leader/founder (who, for all intents and purposes, is an inactive player.) Hmm.

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Should they be forced to?

I see two sides:

A) Leader/Founder who paid gems to make the alliance, put blood/sweat/tears into it for months or longer suddenly has a RL emergency (maybe something dire); their alliance, not knowing what happened, summarily votes them out and discards them. Vaya con Dios

B) Leader who ran it for months etc etc, vanishes without a word. Alliance cannot move forward without new leadership, and is stuck. Chooses to keep leader but stagnates by this choice. Would be better off demoting (and perhaps even kicking) Leader, depending on their open spaces.

My sympathy is with Leader A and Alliance B. :confused:

All this is currently moot. We cannot vote leaders out of office.

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A slightly different twist on this issue. Is it possible for a leader to give up the position voluntarily?

Yes, the leader can promote someone else to the position of leader. The leader is then automatically demoted.

Similar problem here. We’re not top 20 or anywhere close to that though!!!
It’s still very frustrating - leader is awol for 20 days now…